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Torontoist: Insane in the Bikelane

Torontoist Marc Lostracco posted a great article a couple weeks ago that I’ve been meaning to post about for awhile… about the sad state of roads and specifically bikelanes in Toronto: Probably the most staggeringly stupid allowance is how contractors tearing-up the road surface aren’t required to return it to its original state, but only […]

TheStar: Toronto BikeShare program kaput

“From the city’s perspective, it looks like it’s come to its end,” said Glenn De Baeremaeker (Ward 38, Scarborough Centre). “We tried to shake the bushes and look under rocks and try every … combination we could to assist that very worthwhile, small, non-profit group. “But the city just has nowhere it could fund it […]

NOW Magazine Town Hall – Are We Losing The Fight For A Bikeable City?

NOW Magazine is hosting a Town Hall this Wednesday evening about the sometimes seemingly impossible battle to get substantial cycling infrastructure in this city. At first, I thought the title of this event was a bit over-the-top, but when a getting a bikelane painted anywhere in this city is a struggle (rather than an ordinary […]

Photos and News from the last BikeFriday

Only 3 weeks until the next BikeFriday on April 27th! March 30th was a lot of fun… here’s some great photos and stuff of it: The Danforth & Woodbine BikePool and Grassroots Bikers Breakfast: I took a few photos on dying batteries while we were stopped at the Grassroots Bikers Breakfast at Danforth & Chester […]

Bike Lanes on Yonge Street!

I bet the title of this post got you all excited, eh? Especially after I posted about the possibility of Yonge Street losing a lane (and gaining sidewalk) a couple weeks ago… It looks like Yonge Street may be getting bikelanes, but it’s only from Front to Queens Quay. Sure, it would be nice to […]

Cyclists Public forum on Lake Ontario Park

In the BikingToronto Inbox this morning: Building on the momentum from our first meeting in February, I would like to invite you to the next round of discussion and planning about Lake Ontario Park and whatthis means to the cycling community. I encourage you all to get active and be heard, since the Toronto Waterfront […]

This Street Furniture Thing Is A Rip-Off

I posted about this last week, but thought I’d do it again because I think the City is being short-sighted and being ripped off by this whole Street Furniture thing. Above is one of the proposed bikeracks, although nothing is wrong with our iconic post-and-rings. Other things advertising companies are proposing are bus shelters (didn’t […]

2007 season opens for Gay West Bicycle Club

Other than the cycling groups over at the Toronto Bicycle Network, the Gay West Bicycle Club may just be the largest in Toronto, but I don’t know for sure. What I do know for sure is that the GWBC is gearing up for 2007: Gay West Bicycle Club is the only gay, lesbian and bisexual […]

Bloor & Spadina

A lot of cyclists in Toronto are familiar with the intersection of Bloor & Spadina… the giant dominoes, the gardens, and the oasis from traffic at a busy intersection… but perhaps most significantly, it’s the startpoint for Critical Mass on the last friday of every month (BikeFriday). The above photo is from around 1960, courtesy […]

Today is BikeFriday

I’ll have a post up later today or this weekend with photos and stuff from the morning BikePools, but here’s some to tide you over: Martino (Bloor West Ride)Vic (HighPark to Mississauga Ride) Remember that the UofT BikeChain will be open today from 12-5 PM, handing out free coffee and memberships (regularly $20-$60) to all […]