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Feb. 29: Weekly News Wrap-up

Here's a wrap-up of all the newsy posts that have been up on BikingToronto since last friday. Enjoy.Reminder: Tomorrow is BikeFridayTomorrow is BikeFriday, and thankfully the weather is supposed to be … [Read more...]

Reminder: Tomorrow is BikeFriday

Tomorrow is BikeFriday, and thankfully the weather is supposed to be (relatively) balmy, with a high of around 0 degrees centigrade. Perfect biking weather.Here's all the good stuff on tap for … [Read more...]

Toronto Cyclists Union and TCAT get grant money from BTAC!

Holy acronyms, batman! The Toronto Cyclists Union and the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation have gotten grants from the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada:Toronto Coalition for Active … [Read more...]

Not Wearing a Bike Helmet for a Religious Reason?

Interesting story last week about a Sikh man named Baljinder Badesha who can't ride his motorcycle because according to his faith, he can't wear a helmet (either instead of a turban or on top of a … [Read more...]

Toronto Cyclists Union releases February Newsletter

BikingToronto is fully behind the upcoming Toronto Cyclists Union. It looks like it'll be a great advocacy organization for cycling in Toronto!They have just released their February Newsletter … [Read more...]

Crafty Cyclists Build Railway Underpass

The ravines of Toronto are awesome places to ride, and if you're a free spirit, like most cyclists are - the presence of railway lines and rivers sometimes severely impedes your spirit.In the Don … [Read more...]

Does Less Room for Cars Mean Traffic Jams?

Toronto has had a lot of snow this winter. Most of it has come down in February. This means that snowplow drivers and other city staff that keep the thoroughfares clear haven't had as much time to … [Read more...]

Stolen Chopper Bike "Darryl" Recovered!

A great good news story happened here in Toronto yesterday. A "chopper" bike named "Darryl" was stolen, surveillance camera photos of the thief emerged, and the bike was recovered through a couple of … [Read more...]

Stuff White People Like: Bicycles

I came across this site after reading something about how it's politically incorrect (does that even mean anything anymore?), but I gotta say, as a white person, I find the site hilarious and often … [Read more...]

Photos from WeloBike Orientation

You may remember an event from a Weekly Events post a couple weeks ago about WeloBike - a project to generate pedal-powered energy for non-profit organizations:Created by Cyril Guerette, WeloBike is … [Read more...]

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