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INFRASTRUCTURE: College and Spadina under construction for most of April

photo by Kate Mcdonald

  The city is letting cyclists know that the College & Spadina intersection will be a construction workzone for most of April.  Using Harbord may be a smoother trip. I know the College … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Being Hit by a Car and Vision Zero in Toronto


I'm good friends with Hyedie, the writer of the post linked below.  Hyedie was hit by a car, and the driver admitted guilt, but escaped ANY kind of repercussions.  Read about Hyedie's experience and … [Read more...]

NEWS: Women are the ‘indicator species’ for cycling safety

Toronto’s new cycling manager will measure her success, in part, by how many women she sees pedalling around the city. Like many urban centres, Toronto has a cycling gender gap. In 2006, two thirds … [Read more...]

NEWS: TTC’s new ‘bendy’ buses still without bicycle racks

Cyclists are still waiting for the TTC to restore bike racks to its new buses, after they were removed due to driver visibility problems. TTC buses are equipped with bike racks mounted to the … [Read more...]

NEWS: Cycling: The great right-hand turn debate rages in Toronto


Slow news day perhaps.  Is there really a debate?  They only wrong way to signal, is to use no signal at all. There are three types of cyclists in Toronto: those who signal with their left … [Read more...]

NEWS: Should texting cyclists in Toronto be treated like distracted drivers?


A proposal to treat cyclists caught texting on two wheels the same as distracted drivers is getting a lukewarm reception in Toronto. Politicians at Queen’s Park are currently debating Bill 31, which … [Read more...]

DEATH CAB: Toronto Cabbies to ILLEGALLY use Tablets instead of Radio Dispatch

Everyone (including me) who bikes in Toronto has a story about a cab driver hitting them.  At the least, you've had a near miss with one, because taxi drivers are always in a rush and do not abide by … [Read more...]

NEWS: Vaughan cycling group seeks bike space on proposed GTA West highway


Cyclists on the highway? That’s the hope of a group of cyclists in Vaughan, who want the province to make space along the proposed GTA West highway corridor for two-wheeled commuters. The Vaughan … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bikes included in re-development of Honest Ed’s property?

Early days here, and I encourage you to click through to the full Globe article to get all the details... but I'm optimistic about these two sentences about Markham St being left mostly as is, but … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto’s new bicycle czar ‘excited’ by surge in ridership

By just about any metric, cycling is on the rise in Toronto. A recent count conducted by Cycle Toronto showed the number of bikes moving through the intersection at College and Spadina during rush … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Bloor bike lanes delayed, again

Toronto: the City where everything takes forever, after delays and false starts and endless debate. The fault doesn't totally rely on city staff, as they are understaffed (they were even before the … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Despite drivers supporting it, Tory ready to scrap Bay-Bloor pedestrian scramble


Pedestrian friendly infrastructure on our streets make things safer for everyone, including people on bikes. But, although a HUGE amount of drivers supporting the pedestrian-priority crossing phase … [Read more...]

NEWS: Community Bicycle Network Closes Space, to focus on Events and Rides

CBN is dead. Long live CBN! Looking forward to seeing where this "pivot" takes CBN.  Sounds interesting. CBN would like to inform you of, effective immediately, the closing of our 761 Queen St. W. … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto cyclists rally behind pitch for lower speed limits

For those who commute on two wheels, safer streets are slower streets. Cyclists in Toronto are rallying behind a provincial proposal to reduce residential speed limits, saying the change would mean … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto cyclists gear up for ‘coldest’ ride

Cyclist Jared Kolb insists “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” The director of Cycle Toronto bikes throughout the year and will be on hand Saturday to lead the city’s annual … [Read more...]

NEWS: Charge withdrawn against man involved in collision with Toronto city councillor

This is a travesty.  Be prepared to be outraged. A Toronto city councillor broke down crying outside traffic court Wednesday after learning the charge against a man involved in a collision that saw … [Read more...]

NEWS: Pedestrian and bicycle-friendly streets are Toronto’s road to good health: Report

At its meeting Monday, the Toronto Board of Health received three in-depth reports on how better street infrastructure — bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, lower speed limits, attractive … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: In Rosedale, a trail becomes a dividing line

In sum, Rosedale residents have a public park that they don't want connected to other parks with accessible multi-use trails, because you know, the proletariat may come too close to their homes. The … [Read more...]

NEWS: All road users break the laws, not just cyclists

Before you roll your eyes at a Toronto cyclist rolling through a stop sign, Wes Marshall suggests taking a good look in the mirror. “I think everybody that uses the transportation system is a … [Read more...]

NEWS: TTC streetcar hits cyclist on Spadina

A cyclist was rushed to hospital with life-threatening head injuries Friday evening after being struck by a TTC streetcar.  Paramedics say they were called to the area of Spadina Avenue and St. … [Read more...]

JOB: Cycle Toronto Communications & Outreach Coordinator


Want to be on the front lines of cycling advocacy in Toronto? Cycle Toronto seeks a Communications & Outreach Coordinator to help in the growth and success of our organization. The best … [Read more...]

NEWS: Pan Am Games velodrome gets thumbs up from cyclists

One of the mammoth facilities built for the Toronto Pan Am Games opened its doors Saturday for its first bit of major competition following much-publicized delay. Even though construction trailers, … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Toronto vows to improve winter bike-lane maintenance

photo from TreeHugger

The city of Toronto is ramping up snow clearing in downtown bicycle lanes, trying to make it easier to ride through the winter.From a militant handful of winter riders a generation ago, cycling all … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Self-Righteous Drivers still trying to drive in separated bikelanes.


If a car might fit somewhere, a driver will try and fit it there.  The above was spotted in the brand new separated Wellesley bikelanes at Yonge.   Via: Seen today at Yonge and Wellesley … [Read more...]

Still we ride? Checking out Toronto’s dwindling Critical Mass

Is Critical Mass in Toronto dying?  A victim of it's own refusal to be part of the system?  It's hard to make something successful if you don't promote it. The local ‘zine community helped to spread … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Wellesley West gets separated bikelanes

Photoso are surfacing of the new separated lane on Wellesley west.  This photo looks to be looking east on Wellesley from Bay. Look: a bike path that's physically separated from traffic! Now that … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto to spend $650,000 to plow snowy bike lanes

Finally.  It's about time the city devoted a bit of money (it works out to less than 1% of the snow-clearing budget) to this. Year-round cyclists in Toronto will have an easier commute next winter, … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bike Share Toronto expansion coming in 2015 with TD sponsorship

WOOOOOOOO! The City of Toronto will install 20 additional bike share stations in time for the 2015 Pan Am Games and continue to expand into high-density areas in 2016, according to the president of … [Read more...]

NEWS: John Tory to make Bikeshare announcement


UPDATE! TD is sponsoring Bikeshare Toronto for the next two years, opening up expansion plans. I just saw the "ticker"/news-scroll on CP24 say that John Tory is about to make an announcement … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: More Bollards go in on Richmond

Bollards are good. I like bollards. Pavement temperatures are too cold for painting - the contractors are now installing bollards as this work can be done in colder/wet temperatures. This pic is from … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto to narrow traffic lanes in hopes of increasing safety

Wonderful news.  Even without adding bikelanes, narrowing car lanes is a great way to get some drivers to slow down, psychologically. Toronto will narrow many of the city’s traffic lanes in a bid to … [Read more...]

What Happened at the 2014 Toronto Bike Awards?

Dandyhorse Magazine has a good write-up of Thursday evening.  Check out the videos. The City and Cycle Toronto presented five Toronto Bicycle Friendly Business awards last night at the 13th annual … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Help raise $20,000 for Street Smarts and get a charitable tax receipt!

Via CycleToronto: Help us raise $20,000 to directly fund our Street Smarts educational outreach program, and you'll receive a charitable tax receipt! read more (BikingToronto has … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Introducing the King High Line

Very awesome proposal. The King High Line is a prospective linear park project on the southwest edge of downtown Toronto, initiated by Urbancorp developers and First Capital Realty. It aims to … [Read more...]

REMEMBRANCE DAY: WWI Canadian Corps Cyclist Battalion


During the First World War, which started 100 years ago this year, the advantage of a bicycle-mounted army battalion over a horse-mounted one became obvious. Quiet and stealthy, the bicycle covered as … [Read more...]

NEWS: Top 10 worst intersections for cyclists, vehicles in Toronto

The City of Toronto has identified its top 10 worst intersections for collisions involving cyclists, and those for other vehicles.For cyclists, the following intersections had the highest rate of … [Read more...]

STOLEN: Bike that crossed Canada stolen outside Toronto bar

She’s a sturdy bike, built to carry heavy panniers and a passenger through the Rockies, across the plains and over the roughest terrain of the Canadian Shield. “I didn’t want anything delicate,” … [Read more...]

NEWS: Cyclist dies after being struck by pickup truck

A 71-year-old man has died of injuries he suffered when he was hit by a pickup truck while on his bicycle. Toronto police say the man was riding southbound on Victoria Park Avenue, when he was … [Read more...]

NEWS: Cyclists pedaling Minimum Grid in election

Wiped off the road in 2012, only a year and a half after they appeared, the Jarvis lanes became a symbol of the tensions that stoked the divides between motorists and cyclists, downtown and the … [Read more...]

NEWS: Ministry of Labour orders bike racks removed from certain TTC buses

If you’re a cyclist who relies on an articulated TTC bus as part of your commute, you’ll have to get by without the bike rack until the transit agency figures out a solution to a recently discovered … [Read more...]

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