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MAPS!  The City of Toronto is shipping out new cycling maps!

Who else gets unreasonably excited about new cycling maps? Via the Toronto Cycling twitter account. 2016 Toronto Cycling Map is printed & on its way to folding - just in time for … [Read more...]

MAPS! Toronto Bike Lane Map Updated!

Back in 2006, when Biking Toronto started, one of the first things I did was create a Google Map of the city's bike lanes.  At the time, the map only existed in paper and in PDF from the City, and I … [Read more...]

MAPS! How People in Toronto Get to Work

Interesting maps about how people get to work in Toronto. The map above is driving, but check out all the maps.  Cycling is not common outside the core, which we all know, because it's the only place … [Read more...]

MAPS! Helping cyclists avoid smoggy routes in Toronto and Montreal

  Amazing tool!  Played with it a long time.  Very telling that when you turn off the street map, high pollution levels still indicate where roads (and especially highways and the airport) … [Read more...]

Map of Biking Times between TTC subway stops

A few days ago, Pavlo Kalyta produced a map of walking times between subway stops to "give practical information to tourists and to encourage locals to be more active". I've made a "biking times" … [Read more...]

OH YEAH!  Toronto’s new bikelanes, mapped!

Excellent piece in Torontoist that maps out (and summarizes) all the new bikelanes schedule for installation in 2016.  Note:  these still have to be approved, but this is what city staff are … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Cycle Toronto shares maps of bikelane supportive businesses on Bloor and Danforth!

Oh yeah!  The links are in the text of this Cycle Toronto post, but there are maps of bikelane-supportive businesses on Bloor and Danforth.  Check them out here - Danforth Map and Bloor Map -  or … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Mapping out the development of Toronto’s new Cycling Plan

Cycling staff at the city will be sharing data via maps during May... maps which visualize the data analysis they are using to help develop the next Cycling Network Plan. Really interesting stuff … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Help the City improve the Bike Map for 2015

Help the city make the 2015 Bike Map even more accurate! 99,500 of our 100,000 bike maps are now distributed. Time to start getting files together for the 2015 printing. If you have excellent photos … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: How Google Maps makes the world better for biking

Amazingly, Google Maps for bicyclists has a bit of a checkered past, in that the biking public had to wait much longer for the feature than driving directions or public transit tracking. Fifty … [Read more...]