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HOW TO: Cycling Safety for Kids

Note: Singer Kwinter will be contributing a few posts to BikingToronto in June in honour of Brain Injury Awareness Month.     As summer vacation approaches, it is important to ensure … [Read more...]

NEWS: Fewer Canadian students walking or cycling to school raises concerns

The study (which no news article links to, of course, because that's so hard to do) also mentions that active kids turn into active adults, and sedentary kids driven everywhere turn into sedentary … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Teach Children Bike Safety

You love cycling, you have a young family, and you want to make cycling an integral part of your family’s routine. While biking around with your kids while they’re young is a great way to get them … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Five Ways to Get Kids Excited About Bikes

Let’s face it, kids are fickle creatures. One minute they’re over the moon about a new toy or a game, and the next minute the toy is left collecting dust in the corner while they’re off chasing down … [Read more...]

Bike Month: Pedalheads Bike Camps

Pedalheads is running a series of Bike Camps during Bike Month for any little ones just starting out on two wheels.  Here is a list of camps (each links to their BikeMonth2013.ca listing), with a … [Read more...]

New I Bike T.O. Products!

The I Bike T.O. product line has recently become very popular with the recent addition of the Left Wing Pinko I Bike T.O. shirts... and we thought we should highlight some other new products we've … [Read more...]