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Have You Tried the New Jarvis? Tell Us About It!


We've put out a call on twitter for stories of the new Jarvis during rush hour this morning... and would like to extend the invitation here too. Did you try out the new Jarvis bikelanes this … [Read more...]

The Jarvis Bikelanes are Painted!


If you've been following our Jarvis Bikelane construction posts, you know we've had a Before post, a During post (which includes video) and another Video post.  Now we have what you've been waiting … [Read more...]

Video: Jarvis with 4 Car Lanes, Still no Gridlock

If you've seen our past Jarvis Bikelane Transition posts (before, during), you've seen the video Neal Jennings shot at 5:01 pm on Tuesday afternoon... showing that cars are moving just fine on Jarvis … [Read more...]

Bike Unionist Busted for Biking down the Middle of Jarvis


What a tabloid-esque headline for a biking story! Yesterday, the Executive Director of the Toronto Cyclists Union, Yvonne Bambrick (I think she's also the Director of Communication and Events, but … [Read more...]

Jarvis Street, During Bikelane Installation


Remember the horrific gridlock that was supposed to bring Jarvis to a standstill when it went from 5 lanes to 4? Hasn't happened. Neal Jennings shot this video at 5:01 pm yesterday (Tuesday). … [Read more...]

Bikes in the News – July 20, 2010


It's been a while since our last News Links post, so here are some news clippings we've collected over the last few weeks: InsideToronto Article: Jarvis set to get controversial bike lanes Bike … [Read more...]

Jarvis Street Middle Lane now Car-Free. Bikelanes Are Coming


I saw this on my way downtown this morning, and the Star has picked up on it too.  The city has made Jarvis into a 2-lanes-each-way street, striping off the middle lane with yellow lines in … [Read more...]

Jarvis Street, Before the Bikelanes


The process for installing bikelanes on Jarvis started on Friday, and not only those of us who like to bike Toronto are excited.  People who live in the area are looking forward to having the street … [Read more...]

Jarvis starts getting Bikelanes this Friday!

Jarvis, pre-Bikelanes

We are happy to report that the July issue of Cyclometer has let us know that the Jarvis bikelanes installation will start this Friday, July 16th. You may remember that originally the … [Read more...]