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Photos: Protest halts Jarvis bike lane removal

A protest by a 4-5 people that began north of Wellesley has halted the removal of the bike lanes on Jarvis. The city crew leap-frogged the protestors three times before calling off the removal south … [Read more...]

Cyclists stage sit-in to protest removal of bike lanes

Activists have asked that the lanes remain until new bike lanes can be implemented on nearby Sherbourne Street. Wayne Scott, from the Save Jarvis group, and Chris Drew, with the Church-Wellesley … [Read more...]

Rob Ford applauds Jarvis bike lane removal

Ford said Monday that pulling the bike lanes out was what people want. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one who voted to put them in, in the first place,” Ford said. During the 2010 election … [Read more...]

Jarvis St. bike lane removal met by protest

  The crew was less than a block into the job when 33-year-old Steve Fisher plunked down cross-legged in the truck’s path just north of Wellesley St E. “I know you’re doing your job, but … [Read more...]

How should the city react to civil disobedience in defence of the Jarvis Street bike lanes?

Interesting piece on possible civil disobedience regarding the Jarvis bikelane removal.  Following bike stuff, it's easy to get ensconced in a "bike bubble" and the different viewpoints here help see … [Read more...]

Newsmaker: Could haves, should haves and the Jarvis bike lanes

One final effort to save the Jarvis Street bicycle lanes from removal was kiboshed after city council voted on Tuesday to move ahead of the lanes’ eradication. Many are left bitter. Those in the “Save … [Read more...]

Photos from the 2012 Ride for Jarvis

Earlier tonight I took part in the Ride for Jarvis, organized by Cycle Toronto. It was smaller than last year, but there was still several hundred people there.  Here are some of the better photos I … [Read more...]

Reminder: Ride for Jarvis Tonight

On Monday, I posted about the Ride for Jarvis happening tonight... but I thought I'd send a reminder to try and ensure everyone knows about it and comes out for a great large ride in support of the … [Read more...]

The News Cycle for Friday, June 8, 2012

A Public Transit Adventure [Cupcake Ride] I’ve used public transit bike racks in BC before and the ones on the TTC buses are exactly the same. You just push up on a metal handle, pull the whole … [Read more...]

The News Cycle for Saturday, May 26, 2012

Toronto Bike Month 2012 [BlogTO] Toronto Bike Month 2012 is upon us, so if you haven't already dusted off your helmet and climbed back in the saddle, now is definitely the the time to do it. The … [Read more...]

The Toronto Carnage blog collects news stories about the destruction wrought by cars on our city:

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