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ELSEWHERE: Atlanta Puts ONE BILLION DOLLARS Towards Bike and Pedestrian Projects

If you are wondering how Atlanta budgeting A BILLION DOLLARS over 25 years ($40 million/year) to make their city amazing stacks up against Toronto, our City Council will spend hours tomorrow wringing … [Read more...]

FAILURE: Police brag about 273 tickets over 5 days in bike lane parking crackdown

Seriously?  How is 273 tickets over 5 days a success? Police added a dozen officers last week to focus *solely* on bike lane parking.  273 tickets over 5 days by 12 officers is 4.5 tickets per … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! The Danforth Loves Bikes (and wants bike lanes!)

Over the past day, I've been taking and tweeting a few photos of *some* of the businesses on the Danforth (google map) who want the street to be better and safer by adding some bikelanes (which make … [Read more...]

MUST READ: All the collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists in just the last month

NOW Magazine mapped the collisions involving cars and cyclists or pedestrians reported by police (and compiled by @StruckTOBot, covered in this blog post) in just May 2016. In just 1 month, 10 … [Read more...]

NEWS: More than 100 drivers ticketed so far in Toronto bike lane blitz

My favourite part of this article is in the second half, where it's mentioned that one delivery company visited the city to pay off "scores" of parking tickets after being shamed … [Read more...]

OH YEAH!  Toronto’s Planning Division loves bikes!

There's been a great series of tweets the last couple of days by Toronto's Planning Division, @CityPlanTO, highlighting staff members who bike Toronto, for #biketoworkday! I've included a couple in … [Read more...]

NEWS: The Mayor wants to scale back the Bike Plan

In today's news - base the idea of a network of bikelanes that actually goes the city on a *2 km pilot* on Bloor Street.  If the pilot goes badly, then we'll hear "see? bikelanes aren't worth it!", … [Read more...]

FACEPALM: Toronto welcomes Bike Month with bike lane parking blitz… that lasts a week.

If you're a driver, you may only have to worry about actually getting a ticket for parking in a bikelane this week.  The other 51 weeks of the year you can keep on keeping on. Starting … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Cycling Network Plan: What’s in store for Scarborough?

Other than the implication that pushing a study of the Danforth back for two full years isn't a big deal, this is a good synopsis of what the new bike plan means for Scarborough (mostly southwest … [Read more...]

LET’S GO PARKING! How Toronto Can Expand Bike Parking

In Toronto, the City’s Transportation Services Division is responsible for sidewalk bike parking as well as other short- and long-term bike parking facilities. Although Toronto is not yet home to … [Read more...]