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City truck parked in Sherbourne bike lane

City truck parked in Sherbourne bike lane

Face, meet palm. The vehicle in the photo was identified as one from the shelter, support, and housing administration division, according to city spokesman Patricia Anderson. She said the vehicles … [Read more...]

Waterfront Toronto officially breaks ground on the Queens Quay


It's finally happening! Can't wait for new separated bikeways on Queens Quay! Highlights of the new Queens Quay include a pedestrian promenade with a of mosaic of 2.5 million red and grey pieces of … [Read more...]

Jarvis bike lane latest in City Hall’s symbolic struggles


Down at City Hall, they chase gravy trains and fight a war on (or for) the car—and show respect for certain areas of the city by promising their residents underground transit. At some point, it seems … [Read more...]

Opinion on Jarvis: We Let Our Emotions Get the Better of Us

Jarvis Bike Lane Debacle: We Let Our Emotions Get the Better of Us

Interesting viewpoint from the Toronto Standard on the whole Jarvis thing: People are, of course, entitled to have an emotional response to political issues, and, in many ways, such a response is … [Read more...]

Parking meters appear on Jarvis – to honour city councillors?


We need the fifth lane of parking traffic to keep Toronto moving. To keep Toronto's economy going and Toronto's moms with their kids for longer times, rather than stuck in parking traffic. The … [Read more...]

Protestor and local physician arrested on Jarvis bike lane

Protestor arrested on Jarvis bike lane

“As a family and public health physician, I’m very concerned about the safety, the lack of public consultation and the misuse of taxpayer money,” Svoboda explained. “This is the only major North … [Read more...]

City to launch streetcar track bike safety project

City to launch streetcar track bike safety project

The city is set to embark on a pilot project to keep cyclists safe from a ever-present menace: streetcar tracks.   A report going before the public works committee next week recommends testing … [Read more...]

Jarvis Street Should Be Safe for Everyone


Very interesting post on Torontoist by Steve Fisher, the first person to sit down in front of the bikelane removal trucks on Monday: When I left the Jarvis Taskforce‘s emergency meeting this past … [Read more...]

Jarvis Bike Lane Removal Proceeding, Despite Technical Difficulties and an Arrest


Protesters succeeded in delaying the removal of the Jarvis Street bike lanes by blocking stripe-removal vehicles with their bodies yesterday, but the latest word from the City is that the project is … [Read more...]

Jarvis bike lane removal to be done by December

Jarvis bike lane removal to be done by December

The schedule for repainting the road will depend on weather conditions, according to a construction notice. The plan is to have the centre reversible lane for vehicles back in operation in early … [Read more...]

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