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The Star: Bixi still looking for 350 Sign-Ups


The other day, Bixi Toronto passed the 600 subscription mark, and is now at 650, reports the Toronto Star: Toronto’s could-be public bike-share system is still 350 subscriptions short of rolling into the downtown core. BIXI Toronto is scheduled to be launched in May 2011 – but only if the proposed service attracts 1,000 subscribers […]

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Where to see Bixi Toronto this weekend


If you’re curious about this Bixi thing that may get started in Toronto in the spring, this weekend is a good time to check out a demo station of the system: Friday Sept 24: Southeast Corner Spadina and Bloor, on Bloor – from 11:30 am to 7:00 pm Saturday Sept 25: Evergreen Brickworks (550 Bayview […]

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Bixi Toronto reaches 600 Memberships

It’s taken only 8 weeks for Bixi Toronto to sign up 600 people to annual memberships! They need to sign up 1000 by Nov. 30… so they’re already 60% there, however there is still concern that we won’t reach 1,000 subscribers: “Our biggest problem is that people think [Bixi] is already happening, so they don’t […]

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Sarah Thomson releases “Bike City” Plan

Today saw mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson release her bicycle transportation policy, dubbed Bike City. Sarah and/or her team has done their homework on this to attract people who love biking… proposing a good chunk of new cycling infrastructure features (ie. bike boxes, bicycle boulevardes, etc) and physically separate bikelanes on University Ave, Richmond Street and […]

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Bixi Toronto hits 500 Memberships


It’s taken only 5 weeks for Bixi Toronto to sign up 500 people to annual memberships! They need to sign up 1000 by Nov. 30… so they’re already 50% there! Have you signed up yet?  It’s $95 (+HST = $107.35) for an entire year!  That gives you unlimited free rides for an entire year (as […]

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Bike Racks Coming to Yorkville


There has been much handwringing in the cycling community about the lack of bikeracks and bikelanes in the “revitalized” Bloor-Yorkville Business Improvement Area. While there are no bikelanes, there are sharrows, and now that construction is reaching final stages, new sleek and modern bikeracks are making an appearance. Photo from ChrisKayTO on Twitter

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Bikes in the News – August 18, 2010

It’s been a while since our last News Links post, so here are some news clippings we’ve collected over the last few weeks: Rob Ford Truck Touting “Respect For Taxpayers” Ironically Parks Disrespectfully Over Taxpayer-Serving Bike Lane – Torontoist August 12, 2010 11:38 AM On Monday evening, at around 6 p.m., Linda Noelle Bush was […]

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Press Release for Bixi Toronto – ING Direct Sponsorship

Earlier today, we were the first (and the only, still) with the news about the great primary sponsorship arrangement between Bixi Toronto and ING Direct. Now we bring you the press release announcing this: Mayor David Miller and representatives from the Public Bike System Company (PBSC) have welcomed ING DIRECT Canada as the primary sponsor […]

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Bixi Toronto lands ING Direct as Primary Sponsor


Big news from Bixi Toronto today!  They’ve landed ING Direct as a primary sponsor for the system! This not only lends a lot of credence to the assertion that a BikeSharing system is viable in Toronto, but that big companies will sponsor it and keep it healthy. This sponsorship not only puts Bixi Toronto well […]

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Bixi Toronto Corporate Programs and Sponsorship

With the expanded and improved Bixi Toronto website, there’s a lot more information about the opportunities for businesses to sponsor Bixi Toronto stations: The cost for sponsoring a Bixi station over a 3-year term is 60,000. From the Bixi Toronto website: The many benefits: Your company’s name or logo will be affixed to the station […]

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