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INFRASTRUCTURE: Toronto cyclists eye Yonge Street for bike lanes

I'm very disappointed in the "battleground" and "fight" language in this Metro article about Toronto and York Region exploring the possibilities for Yonge bike lanes.  It's about making Toronto's … [Read more...]

YES: “The Bloor bike lanes are going to change our lives”

Nice article in Toronto Life with short interviews with cyclists and non-cyclists about what they think about the new Bloor bike lanes (which aren't complete yet): Last week, the city began … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Bloor Street bike lanes, Bad Girls Bike Club attracting female cyclists

Anecdotally, on my commute from Danforth East to downtown every day, women on bikes outnumber men.  That's a great sign. Toronto cyclists are already calling the Bloor Street bike lanes a "game … [Read more...]

LEARNING CURVES: Motorists are Already Driving in the New Bloor Bike Lanes

I'm a little disappointed in Torontoist for the headline of this article about *one* driver who, in the absence of signs, bike symbols painted on the road, or any separation post (which are being … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Bloor Bike Lane is reason to celebrate!

Great piece from the David Suzuki Foundation that admonishes the apocalyptic tone that some media outlets have been taking when talking about adding bike lanes to Bloor (absolute chaos! cats and dogs … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto drivers are already parking in the Bloor Street bike lanes

  Sigh. It'll be nice when the city adds flex-post to this new bike lane in the next week.  Drivers will go anywhere they can physically fit their cars - society and safety be … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bloor St. merchants taking bike lane installation in stride – so far

Oh, Toronto Star, why do have such a heart-on for cars sometimes? Cars don't shop. People shop, and people shop locally.  Most of Bloor's business activity comes from pedestrians, cyclists and … [Read more...]

STREETS ARE FOR PEOPLE: How To Turn Parking Spots Into Public Spaces

Parking spots are very wasteful things.   They're just car storage.  Even when they are filled up, there's nobody actually using the space. There are far better uses for this space, and Torontoist … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Construction for Bloor bike lane project gets underway Tuesday

Decades in the making.  Bloor is coming! "I really like the direction Toronto's going in with how we treat cyclists. I feel like five, 10 years ago everybody hated the cyclists, but now it's becoming … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: It’s time to rise above road rage, Toronto

Great piece in the Star about how Toronto wants to be "World Class" but is unwilling to make itself safe for people, basically. As Toronto is attempting to position itself as a progressive, global … [Read more...]

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