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OMG!!  Bike Share Toronto has released where their 1000 new bikes will live!!


Holy huge expansion for Bikeshare Toronto!!!  We're gonna have it all the way from Main St. Station in the east to Dundas West in the west! I've included high-res maps of all the bikeshare stations … [Read more...]

EVENT: 2016 Bells on Danforth Recap


A good recap in Dandyhorse about Saturday's Bells on Danforth Ride. Remember that YOU can help make the Danforth bike-friendlier! Sign the pledge of support on DanforthLovesBikes.ca ask your … [Read more...]

THIS SATURDAY! June 25 – Bells on Danforth


They won't say it, but I'll say it (again and again):  We NEED bike lanes on Danforth!  Come to Bells!  Sign the DanforthLovesBikes pledge! When: Gather at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 25, 2016. The … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bikeshare Toronto is almost back to full operations


Bikeshare Toronto planned to update their systems in all of their docking stations this past weekend in preparation for a large expansion this summer.  It's taken them longer than expected. via … [Read more...]

POLITICS: Does Your City Councillor Support Bike Lanes?


This article has an interesting concept, but the data visualization is impossible.  It may be time for me to crank through the data like I did a few years ago (2010!) for the post "How Bike-Friendly … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto Bike Share outage drags on as staff feels the heat


It'll be back at full strength soon, and I've heard there's a big announcement coming in a week or two as well, fingers crossed. “We were hoping to have a three-day outage, but it’s taking … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bells on Danforth mass cycling ride slated to start at Bloor Viaduct Park


Bike lanes on Danforth! Riders will gather at the Bloor Viaduct Park, across from Castle Frank subway station, at 10:30 a.m., and then depart en masse at 11 a.m. heading east along Danforth … [Read more...]

DO IT! Help make protected bike lanes on Woodbine Ave a reality!


via Cycle Toronto: Attend a public meeting this week and help make protected bike lanes on Woodbine Ave a reality! The City is considering protected bike lanes on Woodbine Ave but it won’t … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: Beefed up road safety plan approved by city hall committee


This is one of those times when tons of outcry about a politician's proposal (aiming to reduce road deaths by a paltry 20%) actually changes a politician's mind.  I mean, outcry by non-drivers. Mayor … [Read more...]

MUST READ: The most condescending things city councillors said about cyclists last week


People are literally dying on the streets because some politicians don't want cars to slow down even a little bit. This article is a must read.  It starts with a mother trying to explain to her … [Read more...]