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NEWS: Protected Bike Lanes on Eglinton Approved by Public Works


This is such a great news story.  THIS is what cycling advocacy is all about. Two years ago, a senior City staffer told me that we’d never achieve bike lanes on Eglinton. I reflected on this as I watched the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) unanimously approve the Eglinton Connects Environmental Assessment last week, which includes […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike Share Toronto gets a new app


Posted about this new app back on Saturday, but I’m glad BlogTO is featuring it too. Bike Share Toronto, the new company that has replaced BIXI, currently lacks its own mobile app to track bike availability and station location. They currently recommend that users try Spotcycle, but there’s a new player on the scene that it might […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: The top 5 bike trails in Toronto


Cycling trails in Toronto offer sanctuary from both vehicular traffic and the general hustle and bustle of city life. We are a city blessed with ravines, and that is a very good thing if you like to ride your bike off road. While Toronto is also endowed with a healthy number of bike paths, the […]

EVENT: Apr. 25-27 – Guided Railpath Extension Tours!


Well this looks awesome. Guided tours of the proposed route of the Railpath Extension! We invite you to explore the proposed route and help shape what will become Toronto’s premiere piece of cycling infrastructure. Join us on a series of guided walking and cycling tours that promise to reveal the landscape of the rail corridor. Guided tours […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Do bike lanes slow car traffic? Not if you put them in the right place

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight is the go-to site if you are a stats geek. Planner Gretchen Johnson and MIT PhD candidate Aaron Johnson munch the stats on bike lanes to answer the question: do bike lanes increase car traffic congestion? It’s an important issue; whenever bike lanes are proposed (or a politician like Toronto’s Rob Ford, who hates them, […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Eglinton LRT plan calls for $150 million in streetscaping

Residents seldom heap praise on city hall. But there were plenty of kudos this week for the city’s plans to beautify Eglinton Ave. after the Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown LRT opens in 2020, including construction of what would be Toronto’s longest bike lanes. Read More: Eglinton LRT plan calls for $150 million in streetscaping | Metro. Previously: Separated […]

NEWS: Separated Bike Lanes are coming to Eglinton!


Pardon my galactica, but holy frack, this is amazing.  It’s for stuff like this that I’m proud to be a CycleToronto member, and recommend membership to everyone I know. The City is redesigning the streetscape along Eglinton as part of the Eglinton Connects planning project. Amazingly, the City is recommending full, separated bike lanes for […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Richmond: Do you want a protected bike lane here?

Bike Spotting on Richmond: Do you want a protected bike lane here? Photos by Sarah Greene Interviews by Matt Talsma We went down to Richmond street to ask cyclists about their experience biking there. The City has floated a proposal … Continue reading → Read More: Bike Spotting on Richmond: Do you wa Read More: […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Chorley Park Multi-Use Trail work underway


Work is underway to connect Chorley Park to the Brickworks with a switchback trail into the valley. The 3m trail will improve access to the brickworks for pedestrians and cyclists, and double as a point of exit for those working at the Brickworks in the event of a flood. As part of this project, Transportation […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Instant Protected Bike Lane? Just Add Armadillos

How do you make an instant protected bike lane? Just add “armadillos”. “Armadillos” – named after the little road kill critter – are recycled plastic dividers that create a protected space for cycling. It’s just a small, gentle bump that reminds motorists to stay out of a protected bike lane. “They’r Read More: Instant Protected […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Harbord Street bike lane upgrades: City announces new plans


Harbord Street bike lane upgrades are coming Story and photos by Nico Mara-McKay A new design has been proposed for the bike lane on Harbord Street. The bike lane on Harbord is currently intermittent, switching from a full bike lane … Continue reading → Read More: Harbord Street bike lane upgrades: C Read More: Harbord […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Community Engagement & Active Transportation


TCAT released a new report today titled “Community Engagement & Active Transportation: Two Demonstration Projects in Toronto” describing a year-long project, part of the Healthy Canada by Design CLASP initiative, to identify interventions to improve walking and cycling in Toronto. Throughout 2013, T Read More: New TCAT Report: Community Engagement & Active Transportation | Toronto […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Toronto’s melting snow reveals mega mess to clean up


Ah, the dawn of spring. Marked by chirping birds, emerging tulips, greenery bursting from tree branches, fresh air. Oh — and by puddles galore, those vast urban lakes of murk that can only be traversed via balletic leap. By crusty … Continue Reading Read More: Toronto’s melting snow reveals mega mess Read More: Toronto’s melting […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Can I Take My Bicycle on the TTC?


Kudos to Scott Kobewka (@CivicImages on twitter), who made a cool website that answers one question quickly and easily. Can I Take My Bicycle on the TTC?.

OH YEAH: The case for protected bike lanes in one story

In order to maintain population growth, cities will need to diffuse vehicle traffic, which is a major leverage point for the cycling community: If more and more people are curious about bicycling, now’s the time to seriously consider adding protected lanes and bike shares. It’s a much cheaper — and seemingly more effective — alternative to building more streets […]

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