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Photos from the 2012 Ice Bike / Icycle Races

Let’s add to the big collection of Ice Bike Race photos, shall we?

Below is a large collection of photos taken by Derek at the Ice Bike / Icycle Races this past Saturday.  Click on any one of them to open up a larger version.  The one of the dude with the iPhone is me taking one of many videos I used to make this video of the races.

The following is an excellent list put together by Jun over at Biking in a Big City, who also took excellent photos of the races.

Shutterjet has some photos here.

TorontoGP Tourist has some photos here.

Update2: as per the comments, James has added a few more pictures of the rubber race, as well as a video to his original post, including this picture of meon the Xtracycle.

Some other photos by Kiril Strax here.

NOW magazine has a short write up.

Dandyhorse magazine has a nice write up with pictures, and a video that shows me (along with many other of my fellow riders) tipping over during the rubber race.

Torontoist has more pictures, including this one of me headed into traffic. I’m the only one with my headlight on.



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Video of the 2012 Ice Bike Races

Last night saw the 2012 edition of the Ice Bike Races (or Icycle Races) at Dufferin Grove Park.

I was able to freeze off my fingers and toes taking 70+ video clips with my phone and have edited them into one 4 minute video of a lot of the action.  I’ve coupled it with a rather unorthodox soundtrack too… “That’s What You Do Best” by Adaline – it’s an “electro-torch” song (of all things) that’s been in my head for a couple months and seemed to capture the alternating lulls and fun energy of the Ice Bike Races.

Not a bad little video considering it was shot and edited entirely on an iPhone.

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Photos and Video from the Ice Bike Races

Last night I went and checked out Icycle 2010, the Ice Bike Races held at Dufferin Grove Park every year.

Beforehand, I met up with Todd and James Schwartz (of TheUrbanCountry.com) at 3-Speed (I highly recommend their sirloin burger) and we chatted about cycling, Toronto neighbourhoods and Chinese New Year.

We then walked over to the park and enjoyed a fun evening of people racing bikes around a sheet of ice!

Zoom!  Thrills, Chills and Spills!

Zoom! Thrills, Chills and Spills!

James and Todd watching the action

James and Todd watching the action

BlogTO has an excellent run-down of the evening.

Here are some photos and video from the Races:

(the first two are from the Mens Finals, the last is from the “Rubber Race” with normal bikes, so it’s a lot slower)

Flickr Slideshow from Tino:

Flickr Slideshow from me:

Flickr Slideshow from Yvonne Bambrick of the Bike Union:

Share your own collections of photos or video in the comments below.

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