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ELSEWHERE: Checking out Ottawa Bike Infrastructure


I'm in Ottawa for a few days for a conference and have started making small video postcards of the bike infrastructure I'm seeing.  Here's the first one from the Mackenzie King Bridge over the Rideau … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: North America’s Best Kept (Cycling) Secret

To give credit where it’s due, when it comes to bicycle infrastructure, the City of Montréal has consistently remained 30 years ahead of the curve. While the rest of North America was busy wasting its … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Montreal shifts gears to keep up with rising popularity of cycling


Nothing unusual in Montreal to see hipsters, couriers and two-wheeled commuters of all ages sharing the roads. Here, they laugh dismissively when Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s pro-car administration comes … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: In SF, a bike lane between transit stop and sidewalk is working beautifully (video)


Why don't more cities escape the curse of bus-bike leapfrogging by putting bike lanes between transit platforms and sidewalks? Though "floating bus stops" and similar designs are being used in many … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Is New York City’s bike sharing program hurting local bike shops? : TreeHugger


When there are big changes, not everybody always wins. New York City's bike sharing program has been a success by many standards. Over 105,000 people have signed up for the annual membership ($95), or … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: France experiments with paying people to cycle to work

People visit the 2nd Croix Rousse tunnel reserved for pedestrians, bicycles and buses during its inauguration ceremony in Lyon

France has started a six-month experiment with paying people to cycle to work, joining other European governments in trying to boost bicycle use to boost people's health, reduce air pollution and cut … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: The protected bike lane ridership bump, city by city


The data has been trickling in for years in Powerpoint slides and stray tweets: on one street after another, even in the bike-skeptical United States, adding a physical barrier between bikes and cars … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Kitchener installs 3 new bicycle repair stations

Come on Toronto!  We can't let Kitchener beat us, can we?  We only have one of these, courtesy of the fine folks at Steamwhistle. Kitchener cyclists in need of an emergency tune-up can get one at … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: US cities start pushing protected lanes into new territory: downtown

Mile by mile this spring, America's protected bike lanes are advancing into a new and interesting type of neighborhood: the one right in the middle. Even as protected lane designs have gained … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Why this bicycle path isn’t good enough for the Dutch


Many of us would be thrilled if our neighborhood had the off-road, protected, two-way bicycle path in David Hembrow's picture above. But the path as a whole is now sub-standard in the Netherlands and … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Alec Baldwin Arrested After Biking the Wrong Way in NYC

Alec Baldwin was arrested in New York earlier today, reportedly after the NYPD stopped him for biking the wrong way on the street. CBS New York reports Baldwin became belligerent as police tried to … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Bikes Welcome at Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, London and Portland, OR offer bike amenities with Hufnagel Cycle and tokyobike bicycles. Read More: Bikes Welcome at Ace Hotel Read More: Bikes Welcome at Ace Hotel - Momentum … [Read more...]