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ELSEWHERE: Seeing business benefits, retailers propose protected bike lanes in Portland

Ah, Portland. The entire continent has a heart-on for you. Everyone who pays attention knows that bikes (and bikelanes) are good for business (even in Toronto, with studies in the Annex and the Bloor West Village).. and even businesses know it in Portland, PROPOSING protected bikelanes themselves. Not the city, not cycling advocates… the retailers […]

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INFRASTRUCTURE: Solving the bike problem with the new generation of bike storage

Great examples of what can be done, and is being done in other cities. The momentum for ‘mode-shift’ to cycling in our cities continues at a pace, giving cyclists a new problem: where do they safely park their bicycles? Every day bikes are exposed to the rigours of the weather and threat of theft, making […]

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ELSEWHERE: Scared of Biking in Traffic? These Cities Are Making It Safe

It’s a shame I have to put this in the “Elsewhere” category.  Until Toronto gets off it’s butt and joins the 21st century, that’s where it will stay. “Over the past five years we’re seeing an infrastructure revolution, a rethinking of our streets to accommodate more users [through] busways, public plazas, space for pedestrians, and, […]

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ELSEWHERE: Bike Plans in Other Cities: Amsterdam, Calgary and Chicago

In homage to our BRAND NEW bike plan election issue of dandyhorse we decided to write about other cities’ bike plans to explore new ideas that could work for Toronto’s soon-to-be refurbished bike plan. This is the third in our series “Bike Plans in Other Cities.” Read More: Bike Plans in Other Cities: Amsterdam, Calgary and Chicago […]

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ELSEWHERE: The Atlanta BeltLine – Catalyst infrastructure and city systems

From Spacing, a great example of what can be done with abandoned rail lands: Through advocacy, local organizing and support from civic leaders, Gravel’s thesis project transformed into the Atlanta BeltLine, a $3 billion public works project that is one of the most comprehensive urban redevelopment projects in North America today. The Atlanta BeltLine will […]

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ELSEWHERE: P’tit Vélib’ — bike-sharing program for kids launches in Paris

Bike-sharing programs have been all the rage in recent years. The Vélib’ program in Paris was by many accounts the program that got the massive trend rolling. Now, it has started P’tit Vélib’, a bike-sharing program for the kiddies. To start things off, the bikes will be available in 5 locations around the city. More […]

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INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike to work? These property owners want you


From Vancouver.  Let’s get this going in Toronto. In the past six years, Vancouver’s Pacific Centre has added secure storage spaces for nearly 150 bikes. When 725 Granville, the latest addition to the three-block-long downtown office-shopping complex, is completed next year, another 88 secure spots will become available. Safe bike parking, alongside lockers, showers and […]

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ELSEWHERE: US bike boom strongest with people over 55 (not hipsters) : TreeHugger


The age group with the highest rate of bicycling is the 18-24 age group, but the 55+ age group is the one that has been increasing its rate fastest (by far), and it is quickly gaining ground on the young. Read More: US bike boom strongest with people over 55 (not hipsters) Read More: US […]

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ELSEWHERE: Oregon Study Finds 94 Percent of Cyclists Stop at Red Lights

Contrary to lawless cyclist mythos, a study finds that nearly all cyclists in four Oregon cities stop for red lights. Meanwhile, according to Michael Andersen at Bike Portland, unrelated research suggests that “speeding in a car on local streets is at least six times more common than running a red light on a bike.” via Oregon Study […]

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ELSEWHERE: Women’s Bike Summit in Kansas City

WBS2014 72

“Women are the key to bringing change across many parts of the community,” said Sarah Shipley, the co-founder of BikeWalk Kansas City, who on May 10, 2014, hosted their first ever Women’s Bike Summit. The event brought together women of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate bikes and being active. From workshops on biking with […]

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