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ELSEWHERE: Bikes may outnumber cars in London’s AM peak by 2019

Who doesn't get it at this point?  Invest in bike infrastructure, and people will use it... less people driving and more people biking on dedicated infrastructure will ease congestion and produce … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Portland makes protection the DEFAULT for all new bike lanes

Portland is already a cycling utopia... and they are upping their game.  This just makes sense.  If bikelanes are supposed to make people on bikes safe, then make SAFE bikelanes! Last fall, Oregon's … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! 5 examples of groundbreaking bike infrastructure for Toronto

  This is a good list, but perhaps telling that "#3 - Cycling Boxes" - is something Toronto already has in some places (since 2010!).  Obviously, we need more Bike Boxes everywhere! This … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The magical mystery behind Tokyo’s successful cycling culture

  Spoiler: people in Tokyo do what makes sense. I've included my favourite part of this TreeHugger piece below. Canadians could use a lesson in this.  For all of our "Get'er Done / … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: 70% of US Mayors Would Prefer Bike Lanes Over More Parking or Car Lanes

US cities are undergoing rapid changes. The rising costs of road building and maintenance, combined with out-of-control congestion and urban pollution is forcing many cities to rethink the way they … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: In Vancouver, Business loves Bikes!

Click through to the Global Vancouver video story about proposed bike lanes for Commercial Drive, the predictable local BIA coming out against them, and BIA business members asking why the BIA is … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Mayor of Paris remains committed to reclaiming her city from the car

THIS is a mayor.  A great mayor makes their city better, healthier, more prosperous.  Our mayor foolishly spends billions of dollars maintaining elevated highways and "smart traffic signals" to pander … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Madrid City Council to build 33 new bicycle lanes in 2016

Meanwhile, in a city that gets it: Madrid City Council is planning on building a new network of bicycle lanes before the end of 2016. The plan, put together by left-wing governing party Ahora Madrid, … [Read more...]

HO HO HO! 20 photos of Christmas trees transported by bike around the world

Oh yeah. Goal for 2016. For the second consecutive year, we shared our family’s newfound annual tradition of picking up the Christmas tree by cargo bike, and then we turned it over to you. And for … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: America’s 10 best new bike lanes of 2015

Paying attention Toronto?  These are proper successful bikelanes working in other cities.  Let's catch up. We still love separating bike lanes with posts, and preference surveys show that most … [Read more...]

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