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ELSEWHERE: Number of Californians walking, biking or taking transit doubled since 2000


Recent statistics suggest a promising trend. But imagine what would happen if we actually got serious about promoting livable cities? Read More: Number of Californians walking, biking or taking transit doubled since 2000 Read More: Number of Californians walking, biking or taking transit doubled since 2000 : TreeHugger

ELSEWHERE: 21st Century Greenway


What can happen when people begin to experience transportation beyond the automobile and then imagine possibility.  Having grown up in the Twin Cities my childhood included playing in the street  beneath  the elm tree canopy of shade. As I look back to that time, it seems idyllic now. There was a Read More: Main Street […]

ELSEWHERE: Calm Down, People: Citi Bike Is Gonna Be Just Fine


New Yorkers are freaking out about a Wall Street Journal story today that says Citi Bike is in trouble, “moving quickly to raise tens of millions of dollars” to save the system, which has been devastated by an unusually brutal winter. Read more…      Read More: Calm Down, People: Citi Bike Is Read More: Calm […]

ELSEWHERE: Laidback Copenhagen by bike

Two Copenhagen bicycle chicas like what they see. Classic chica rolling the streets of… For the full photographic glory and the rest of the text, you know where to go. The Original Cycle Chic awaits. Read More: Laidback Copenhagen by bike Read More: Cycle Chic®: Laidback Copenhagen by bike

ELSEWHERE: 25 of NYC’s Most Transformative Road Diets

Cool “slidey” photographs that show before/after scenes! New York City has been adjusting to its new Mayor Bill De Blasio, who took office at the beginning of the year. The new mayor has been slowly revealing his team of commissioners who will guide the city’s continued transformation. As AN has noted many times before, De […]

ELSEWHERE: Magic happens on streets closed to cars

  What happens on the empty closed-down streets of Los Angeles before the L.A. Marathon? Magic. #CrashTheCrash – YouTube.

$600 Pop-Up Protected Bike Lane gets Minneapolis Excited


  Minneapolis is testing out a protected bike lane system using popup protected bike lanes.   It’s cheap, it’s easy… and it should be ALL OVER Toronto. Read more: TreeHugger

Winter Cycling Capital of World is in … Finland


Come on Toronto.  If the Finnish can bike all winter, we can too.  Aren’t there entire commercials by beer companies, Tim Hortons and Canadian Tire about how hearty Canadians are? Let’s get out there and enjoy it. via The Winter Cycling Capital of the World – Momentum Mag.

Pay Attention Toronto: Europe’s Most Congested City Going Car-Free

Something similar should be done in Toronto on Yonge St. south of Bloor, and perhaps King and Queen between Bathurst and Jarvis. Keep the middle lanes open for streetcars only (or buses on Yonge), and let’s open these streets up for business. Cars are choking us economically. If the city’s new mayor gets his way, […]

Bicycle Anecdotes from Amsterdam


In case you haven’t seen it yet – a great video from Amsterdam. There’s no valid reason downtown Toronto can’t be like this. Let’s work on it? via: Urban Planet: Bicycle Anecdotes from Amsterdam | Spacing National.