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GETTING LEGAL: Sharing the Road with E-bikes: What You Need to Know


Note: Singer Kwinter will be contributing a few posts to BikingToronto in June in honour of Brain Injury Awareness Month.     Sharing the Road with E-bikes:  What You Need to Know Is … [Read more...]

NEWSFLASH: E-Bikes are the furthest thing from “hip”

This guy is doing "biking to work" wrong if he shows up all sweaty.  Especially during this cool summer we've had.   His commute is a few kilometres and he can't do it on a real bike?  I bike farther … [Read more...]

E-bike riders seek equality with pedal-pushing counterparts

E-bike riders seek equality with pedal-pushing counterparts

  In the battle for space on Toronto roads, a burgeoning group of people zipping around the city on electric-powered bicycles want to be treated like their counterparts on human-powered … [Read more...]

E-bikers want in Bike Lanes

E-bikers want in bike lanes

Toronto’s bike versus car debate was put on hold Thursday, as yet another player entered the fray in the fight for space on the city’s roads. E-bikes were on the agenda at a meeting of the public … [Read more...]

When is an E-bike a Bicycle?

When is an e-bike a bicycle?

The public works committee has been asked to review its policy around electric bicycles. Specifically, if e-riders should be able to use cycling infrastructure, such as the new Sherbourne separated … [Read more...]