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REMINDER: Indiegogo for Featherstone Two Wheels Green Delivery

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day for the Indiegogo campaign for Featherstone Two Wheels Delivery equipment campaigns.  I use her for I Bike T.O. shirt deliveries whenever I can.  Great rates and great service.

I have travelled 60 000 km using the bike and trailer in 5 years, I feel I can do more with your help!  Help keep the Featherstone Two Wheels Green Delivery transport goods for local Toronto businesses Carbon Free!  Well almost carbon free… I do have to exhale..

via Featherstone Two Wheels Green Delivery – Equipment upgrades for bike business | Indiegogo.

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Help Featherstone Two Wheels Green Delivery upgrade equipment


Please consider donating to Laurie Featherstone’s bike delivery service.  She’s a great person and provides a great service.  I use as much as I can when I have I Bike T.O. shirts that need delivery.

There’s a great list of “perks” for the campaign too, that’ll get you stuff for throwing a few dollars Laurie’s way.

This campaign will allow me to raise funds for new equipment that will take the rigors of 60-100km days on all sorts of road conditions with loads sometimes as high as 400lbs.  The second set of equipment will be important when I have contracts or especially busy seasons and need to have another person on quality well maintained equipment.  

With your help the capital raised will allow me to carry heavier loads, go further and to have an extra person help using reliable, efficient equipment.

Indiegogo Campaign: Featherstone Two Wheels Green Delivery – Equipment upgrades for bike business | Indiegogo.

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Get Stuff Delivered by Two Wheels Green Delivery

We received our LiveGreenCard.ca newsletter in the mail today, and were happy to see that one of their new participating businesses is Featherstone Two Wheels Green Delivery – a delivery service that will deliver just about anything to you by bike, for just $1.50-$2.00 a kilometre, anywhere from Keele to Coxwell and south of Eglinton.

My bike and trailer can haul just about anything within downtown and mid-town Toronto—I love the logistics of doing deliveries in a big city! I carry syrup, honey, mushrooms, rainbarrels, lunches for daycares, organic milk in glass bottles, fruits and vegetables, computer equipment, bike maps/brochures, organic fair-trade coffee, t-shirts, clothing, manequins and much more!

Featherstone Two Wheels Green Delivery also hauls to and from the Riverdale and Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Markets.  If you’d like to arrange a delivery, you can see me at the markets or call/email ahead. Delivery for the Evergreen Brick Works runs from 8 am to 1 pm on Saturdays, and from 3 to 7 pm on Tuesdays at Riverdale.

Some of Two Wheels’ customers include:

Check out Two Wheels if you need something delivered.

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