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Cycle Toronto searching for a Membership & Ward Advocacy Manager


Cycle Toronto seeks a Membership & Ward Advocacy Manager to oversee the growth and success of these cornerstones of our organization. We seek a dynamic, motivated self-starter to help us reach our 2014 membership goal of 3,000 members and grow our Ward Advocacy Program to 23 active groups across Toronto.


Our ideal candidate is detail-oriented and collaborative with demonstrated experience in community organizing. They are a team player with demonstrated experience in sales and database management. They are charming and excel in a creative work environment. Experience with CiviCRM an asset.


Read more: Cycle Toronto’s Facebook Page

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Review: Shaw Street bike route


It has been a rather trying winter for cyclists in Toronto. Besides the unseasonably cold temperatures, the snow and ice has made cycling difficult. Bike lanes are left partly or completely snow-covered — only the occasional thaw manages to clear the lanes. But during one of those few days this winter where the snow had a chance to recede, I rode the entire length of Shaw Street, all the way from the railway tracks at Druro Street up to Davenport Road. Between Dundas and Dupont, a new contra-flow bike lane was recently added, permitting cyclists to legally ride north on what is otherwise a southbound one-way street. This is, by far, is the longest contraflow lane in the city, and the first to be installed in a decade.

Read more: Spacing Toronto

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How To: Ride Through Your First Winter

Momentum has a great article about practical winter cycling.  There is none of the usual “go out and spend hundreds on new tires and a fancy winter cycilng-specific wardrobe” but rather practical and achievable things. I’m adding this to our How-To page.

1. Slow down

2. Get lit

3. Get covered

4. Dress your way

5. Embrace the elements

Full Article: Top 5: Tips For Riding Through Your First Winter – Momentum Mag.

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Can We Become a Civilized Cycling Society?


Excellent short piece in Momentum Magazine by Mia Kahout:

For North America to accept and integrate bicycle use into our transportation systems it is important to understand what is standing in the way.

To this day, we are faced with a biased mainstream media portrayal of cycling. We are faced with politicians pandering to people in their cars who are far too hesitant to take the aggressive steps needed to build a complete network of safe bicycle infrastructure. We are faced with a bicycle industry that continues to push the agenda (and products) that cycling is merely a sport or a hobby.

Full article: Can North America Become a Civilized Cycling Society? – Momentum Mag.

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Bike couriers talk strike action


Bike couriers talk strike action against a uniquely bad industry

Can you picture the city’s bike couriers putting down their kickstands and walking off the job?

Well, they probably can’t yet either. That’s why Canadian Union of Postal Workers Local 104 is putting a war chest together – all the better to embolden the bike-mounted workhorses in a sector that hovers somewhere near fast food standards.

And perhaps that’s being charitable. “We’ve been helping couriers go after employers who have ripped them off, fired them or treated them in a manner you won’t see at a McDonald’s,” one union report reads.

Full Story: NOW Magazine

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