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OH YEAH: 10 Hints You Secretly Want to Stop Driving and Start Cycling

Wonderful list!  Must read for this (almost spring) Friday.

As with most of our habits, we have forgotten why we are doing them a long time ago. And when we do get asked about the why, we come up with all sorts of arbitrary reasoning. When it comes to our daily commute or any other trips we frequently make, this is no different. But no worries, we can help you finding out if it’s time for change! These are our top 10 hints to tell if you secretly want to give up driving and start cycling!

via Alle Macht den Rädern | Die Initiative für urbanes Radfahren — 10 Hints You Secretly Want to Stop Driving and Start Cycling.

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Cycle Toronto AGM is on March 26th. Meet the Board Candidates.


I’ve been a member of Cycle Toronto for a few years, but have never been to an AGM due to either forgetting or scheduling conflicts.  Maybe this year is the year I pop my AGM cherry?

The list of board candidates for their upcoming AGM on March 26 at Round has been released (PDF).  Check it out… these people all seem wonderful.

In order to vote, you need to be a member of Cycle Toronto, so you can join or renew your membership at http://www.cycleto.ca/join.

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Bicycle Friendly School discussions a big success

The other day Cycle Toronto shared the above photo of over 40 people that came out to discuss strategies for creating bike friendly schools.

Great work Cycle Toronto.  It’s criminal that the simple pleasure of riding a bike to school every day is one that so many kids miss out on.

via: Cycle Toronto’s Facebook Wall

Find out more here: http://cycleto.ca/event/2014/01/17/whats-new-bikes-and-schools

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EVENT: Contraflow bikelane public meetings on Mar. 4 and 6

via the CycleToronto facebook page

Contraflow bike lanes give bikes their own lane to go against the flow of traffic on a one-way street. So on a westbound one-way street, both bikes and cars can go west using the regular lane, but bikes can also go east using the contraflow bike lane. Adding contraflow bike lanes helps create a more complete bike network off main roads, to make cycling a more accessible option for more people.

Come out to support the following contraflow bike lanes!

For Lindsey Ave and Havelock St:
Tuesday, March 4th, 6pm to 8pm
New Horizons Tower – Auditorium
1140 Bloor St W

For Phoebe St and Stephanie St:
Thursday, March 6th, 4pm to 9pm
Alexandra Park Community Centre 
105 Grange Crt (follow Grange Ave west of Spadina Ave)

Read more: Cycle Toronto’s Facebook Wall

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How Much Do You Know About Your Hubs?



Dandyhorse has a new “MECHANICS” post up.  This one is all about hubs. Check it out.

Hubs are arguably the most important component on a bicycle. Every bicycle has them, no matter what size, type or purpose. The hub, together with the spokes and rim, form the complete wheel. Onto the wheel the tire and tube are mounted, along with gears on the rear wheel. Hubs provide the the support base for the spokes, which are adjustable for tension at the rim. While the rim and the spokes provide support for the tire and tube, the hub is what the entire bike frame rests on and how the weight of the bike and rider are transferred to the spinning interface of the wheel.

Read more: dandyhorse magazine » dandyBLOG

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