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Critical Mass and Red Lights


I posted photos from July's Critical Mass earlier today, and got a couple thought-provoking comments regarding the ride and red lights.Everything about Critical Mass is legal (as far as I can tell) … [Read more...]

Critical Mass Toronto – July Photos

Here's some pretty photos from last friday's Critical Mass Ride. There were a lot of people there, but I'm not sure how many... anyone count them?On Bloor at St. George... you can see the Bata Shoe … [Read more...]

Critical Mass Tomorrow Night


July's Edition of Critical Mass Toronto goes tomorrow night. Recent months have seen approximately 200 cyclists riding together, taking over the roads. It's a lot like what the Don Valley Parkway … [Read more...]

Darren Stehr’s Critical Mass Book

Wow... cool news on Darren Stehr's "Toronto Cranks" site! Darren is putting together a book about Critical Mass Toronto that will be a collection of various photos he's taken of Critical Mass over … [Read more...]

Critical Mass Makes Me Drool


Great news once again... tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this) is the last Friday of the month, which means it's time for the longest running (?), most popular, and internationally … [Read more...]

Yet More Critical Mass Visuals

Are you tired of seeing photos and video of April's Critical Mass Toronto yet?If not, you can see a few photos from Vic and a cool 30 minute video from Darren Stehr that has him talking to various … [Read more...]

Critical Mass Toronto Photos


There are some fantastic photos from Friday's ride on Martino's site, and on Flickr by Steeker! I'm the guy in blue with the blue helmet.I really like the large version of that last photo. At first … [Read more...]

Critical Mass Toronto – April 2006


Fantastic Critical Mass last night. Martino made a video of it. Tons of people came out... almost 150!That's me roughly in the middle, talking to Vic to my left and Jun (nice to meet you, Jun!) to … [Read more...]

Critical Mass This Friday!


It's fun and great for meeting other people who bike Toronto (makes sense, eh?). Read about March's ride here and be sure and come out. As busy as I am most of the time, it's an event that I try to … [Read more...]

Critical Mass Toronto – March 2006


I attended Critical Mass on friday as planned. It rained pretty much from about 3 to 6 pm, so it was great to see about 40 people at Bloor & Spadina at 6:30.I had the pleasure of meeting Martino … [Read more...]

Cyclist Co-operation & Critical Mass Toronto


Critical Mass Toronto is rolling tonight. If you're interested in attending this "organized coincidence", people meet up between 6:00 and 6:30 pm at the south-east corner of Bloor & Spadina, with … [Read more...]