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Youth Master Mechanics: Charlie’s Freewheels

I haven’t been interested in biking all my life. It wasn’t until I was 14 — the year I had my biking dream — that I started pedalling. In the dream, I picked up a bicycle I found on the sidewalk and simply started riding.

After that, I used my brother’s bike to practice for real, and on my third go, I hit the road to travel to my high school classes. Then, I wanted my own bicycle, because anyone that lives on hand-me-downs knows the great feeling of finally having something that’s your own. That’s where Charlie’s Freewheels came in for me.

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Toronto’s Newest Bike Shop Helps Regent Park Youth

Toronto’s newest bike shop, Charlie’s Bike Shop (242½ Queen Street East, between Sherbourne and Parliament) is also Toronto’s only youth-operated bike shop.

Springing from the energy that gave rise to the Charlie’s FreeWheels organization (which teaches Regent Park youth bicycle repair skills, in memory of Charles Princep, who was killed by a car on a cross-canada touring trip in 2007), Charlie’s Bike Shop is launching with the hope of producing revenue which can better sustain the skills training program.

More about Charlie’s FreeWheels, from their website:

Bicycles are more than a mode of transportation. Building and riding bikes teaches self-reliance, and builds a sense of autonomy while bringing us together. Cycling gives us a sense of mobility, supporting a conscious engagement with our health, as well as providing us with a vehicle through which we can explore and connect with our communities.

Through our program we connect the energy of Toronto’s vibrant bike community with the enthusiasm of the youth in Regent Park. Through the collaboration of many organizations and individuals, Charlie’s Freewheels works to build on the strengths of these communities in order to create sustainable relationships and partnerships that go beyond the scope of our program.


News Links about the Shop:

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