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INFRASTRUCTURE: The Best Way to Promote City Riding? Bike Racks


Personally, my main concern with the recently approved Bloor bike lane pilot is bike parking. Right now, without bike lanes, Bloor bike parking is *packed* with bikes. If bike traffic increases on … [Read more...]

NEWS: A Complete List of Bloor Bike Lane Articles


After 4 decades (!) of Toronto considering the possibility of bike lanes on Bloor, Toronto City Council overwhelmingly voted (38-3) in favour of a 1 year pilot to collect data and evaluate a 2 km … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Bloor bike lanes finally get the go ahead in Toronto


With a vote of 38-3 (!!!), City Council has approved a 1-year pilot of bike lanes on Bloor St! Bike Lanes are finally a reality on Bloor St. After years of campaigns and debate, city council voted … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Suburban Etobicoke councillor changes vote on Bloor bike lanes to a ‘yes’


More proof that politicians who actually take time to understand the issues are, in fact, better politician. “Riding it, you do realize a separate bike lane is infinitely safer than riding with … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Bloor bike lane pilot debate flow chart!


Well this is just amazing.   A complete flow chart that breaks down all the objections to a Bloor bike lane pilot and why none of the objections are valid. It was created by @the416anthill, … [Read more...]

NEWS: Vision Zero supported but not Bloor bike lanes?


City Council votes on the Bloor bike lane pilot this morning (it's scheduled as the first item, at 9:30 - watch it stream on youtube here), and here's a good piece from Albert Koehl in Dandyhorse … [Read more...]

VIDEO: What’s it like to ride Bloor Street without bike lanes?


Metro Morning's Matt Galloway decided to document what it was like riding Bloor St. without bikelanes, in advance of the City Council vote about a bike lane pilot: What does it look like to ride a … [Read more...]

TRUTH: The business of bikes and parking


Click on through to Spacing to see the full infographic. There has been some debate about whether bike lanes on Bloor would hurt or harm businesses. Spacing is republishing this infographic from our … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bloor Bike Lanes Pilot Should Be a Council No-Brainer. Here’s Why It’s Not. 


An excellent piece in Torontoist about why a bike lane pilot designed to collect data about benefits/detriments and overwhelming supported by the community is getting static from politicians: There … [Read more...]

FACEPALM: Bloor Bike lane pilot a victim of double standard


What do you do when politicians prevent people from making their city a better, cleaner, and economically attractive place? In Toronto, you can easily shut down an entire (or a part of)  a street … [Read more...]