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Cycle Toronto Launches Businesses for BIXI Expansion Petition

Toronto businesses see BIXI as an important service for attracting customers and making commuting easier. Cycle Toronto is excited to launch our Businesses for BIXI Expansion petition. Cycle Toronto calls on all businesses that want BIXI stations in their neighbourhoods to sign on and encourage City Council to support a timely expansion to all places where BIXI would thrive.

Read the full post: “Cycle Toronto Launches Businesses for BIXI Expansion Petition” on Cycle Toronto.

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Bixi Toronto Rates are Rising, but just a little

We reported on Monday that Bixi Toronto had sent emails out to subscribers with the option of renewing their memberships early to lock in 2012 prices (ie. $95/year, plus tax).  It was not evident then what kind of price increases were in store for 2013.

I emailed Bixi and City Staff to find out what the price increase may be and found that it would only be $2 per year, and Bixi Toronto put a post up on their site about it yesterday:

BIXI Toronto will be increasing its membership fee of 2% starting April 1st 2013. The reason behind the rise is inflation and the increase of the price of gas and our operation fees. It is the first increase since BIXI Toronto launched.

The yearly membership will go from $95 to $97 (taxes not included) and the monthly membership will go from $40 to $41 (taxes not included). The first 30 minutes will stay included for each trip.

Accesses purchased at the station and usage fee for longer trips than 30 minutes will stay at the same price.

You want to try BIXI Toronto? It is possible to purchase a 24h access to the system for $5 or a 72h access for $12 by doing directly at the station and use the system without a membership. The first 30 minutes of every trip is included in the access fee.

Get your membership at the 2012 rate

To limit the impact of the rate increase, BIXI Toronto launches today a promotional campaign to allow users to subscribe or renew their membership at the 2012 rates. This promotion will be available until March 31st.

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Bixi Toronto Rates are going up in 2013

According to an email I received today, Bixi is raising it’s rental rates.  The current rates are $5 for 24 hours; $12 for 72 hours; $40 for 30 days and $95 for a year.   There seems to be no information regarding what the new rates will be online yet.  I’ve emailed Bixi and city staff to see if I can find out.

Spring is rolling our way (and none too soon) and BIXI Toronto is wheeling out its Early Season Special rate.

If you sign up for a new membership, or renew your current Annual Membership now, you’ll get it at 2012 rates.

If you’re already a member and your membership expires later in 2013, you can still benefit from this preferential rate.

For example, if your membership expires on July 15, 2013, if you renew now, the 2012 rate will be applied and your membership will be extended until July 15, 2014.

But great offers like this don’t last forever, so you must sign up or renew between March 4 and March 31, 2013 to take advantage of this offer.

If you want to sign up for a new membership at 2012 rates, click here.

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Bixi Toronto celebrates one-millionth rider


After only 18 months, Torontonians have taken Bixi bikes on over one millions trips around the city. Today, Melanie Brayne, the lucky one-millionth rider, received a prize by Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong (Ward 34, Don Valley East) at an event at City Hall.

She received a one-year membership to Bixi and a Samsung Galaxy Note.  Her prize-winning ride was last Friday morning, a 13 minute trip to work.

“This is honestly the best way for me to get around economically, financially, environmentally. It’s great,” Brayne said who uses the Bixi system two or three times a week.

Read the full post: “Bixi Toronto celebrates one-millionth rider” on Spacing Toronto .

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Anticipation Building Over BIXI’s Next Move


Back in June 2011, city staff said that Bixi Toronto would break even financially at around 6,000 members.  Now that it has more than 5,000 I am optimistic that it can grow sensibly and without borrowing money.

BIXI Toronto, the city’s fledgling bike-lending program, is due for an upgrade. Since it came online last May, BIXI Toronto has amassed over 5,000 members; today it celebrates its one millionth ride. But even before the program launched, many residents have been calling for more bikes and more stations, covering a larger swath of Toronto.

City staff now say a report outlining the next phase of expansion won’t be ready until early 2013—councillors have been hoping to see one for at least a year—and while few details on the funding structure and scope of the next phase of expansion are available, councillors, cycling advocates, and riders agree: BIXI should grow.

Read the full post: “Anticipation Building Over BIXI’s Next Move” on Torontoist .

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