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TTC rejects Bixi but offers a distant hope

The TTC is in no position to save the Bixi bike-sharing program. But its board has agreed to take another look at the possibility if the city doesn’t come up with another solution. The TTC doesn’t have the cash, the staff or the space to run Bixi, according to a report before the transit board […]

TTC won’t save Bixi bikeshare program

Citing a lack of “financial sustainability” and “not part of our core business”, the TTC is not going to take over Bixi. I’ll pause here so you can go back and re-read that sentence. … Read it?  Good.  Not financially sustainable?  That’s the entire mantra of the TTC!  Hundreds of millions of dollars flow into […]

BIXI: It can totally transform Toronto if done right

What can be done with Bixi Toronto?  Just look at New York! In what seemed to happen almost overnight, New York City changed its transportation system as we know it, adding another mode of transportation for citizens and visitors alike to traverse that great city. New York’s bike share system – known as Citi Bike […]

Why Bike Sharing is worth it


It would be foolish for Toronto to drain the the tires of its fledgling Bixi program before it really gets going, however. Even if bike sharing has so far failed to live up to the hype of its promoters, the concept remains relatively new and programs are constantly improving. Cities are still testing business models […]

Bixi Toronto decision delayed until fall


The Toronto City Council Executive Committee has asked staff to do more research on the feasibility of Toronto taking over the Bixi Program… perhaps with it falling under the Toronto Parking Authority of Toronto Transit Commission umbrella. I have concerns about either of these entities running Bixi… the TPA is very profits-focused, and if Bixi […]

Meanwhile in New York, Bikesharing is all the rage


This is what happens when a city, a world class city, truly invests in bikesharing: widescale adoption.  Here in Toronto we’ve had politicians who are scared of the car lobby put in a dinky little Bixi system (1000 bikes) only in the very small downtown area and have refused to invest in it. Toronto needs […]

TTC will study Bixi integration

The TTC has taken another step closer to taking over the Bixi bike-share program. On Thursday, TTC board members approved a motion brought forth by chair Karen Stintz for a report on the feasibility and expected cost of integrating the service. The board will also request that any decision on the Bixi matter be held […]

Man dead after BIXI bike stunt

Toronto police said the incident happened around 3:45 a.m. Monday near Lower River Street and King Street. The man was riding a rented BIXI bike with four of his friends, said Sgt. Jeff Douglas. “He was trying to do some sort of stunt with the bike, some sort of jump,” said Sgt. Douglas. “He fell […]

It’s time for Toronto to think bigger about bikes


A cyclist rides past BIXI bikes in Toronto on Wednesday. BIXI Toronto Inc. borrowed $4.5-million from the city, and has a loan balance of $3.9-million as of Dec. 31, 2012, according to a city report going before the mayor’s executive committee next week. (Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail) For a city with big ambitions, […]

How Kristyn Wong-Tam plans to save BIXI Toronto


Developers to cut the number of parking spaces in new residential developments could save Toronto’s ailing bike share program, says councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam. Current city rules allow builders to trade parking capacity for auto share spaces or ring-and-post locks, and Wong-Tam wants BIXI stands added to that list. In a member’s motion to be heard […]