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Most Popular Posts – October 2010


Determined purely by page views, we give you the Top 25 Most Popular pages from Octember 2010. Rob Ford releases “Transportation Plan” How Bike-Friendly is your City Councillor? Toronto Wards 10 Secrets to Cycling with Traffic: Part 1 of 10 How To Deal with an Anti-Cycling Mayor? Bikelane Map George Smitherman Releases His Transportation Plan […]

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Welcome to a Re-Designed BikingToronto

Biking Toronto

You may have noticed that things look a little different on BikingToronto these days. We’ve updated the design for you – to help organize the loads of information on the site so that you can find it better…. but we’ve also added some sections and are working on some crazy-cool features to put in place […]

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Most Popular Posts – September 2010

Most Popular Post in September 2010

Determined purely by page views, we give you the Top 25 Most Popular pages from September 2010. Circling Queens Park with a Grand Prix Rob Ford releases “Transportation Plan” Bikelane Map Sarah Thomson releases “Bike City” Plan Sarah Thomson to announce “Bike City” Policy Toronto Wards Bixi Toronto hits 500 Memberships Weekly Wrap Up: Safe […]

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Support BikingToronto, Vote for “Hummingbird” Condos

I found out today that there’s a contest for naming a brand new condo at Yonge and Esplanade. They are offering a $5000 prize (free iPads to #2 and #3) for the winning submission, and are being cool and having public voting to determine the 10 finalists. Since the site for the new condo is […]

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More on “Cyclists” versus “People Who Ride Bikes”


A couple weeks ago I posted an opinion piece entitled “The Last Thing Toronto Needs is More Cyclists” and attempted to make the point that any Torontonian should not be labeled, stereotyped or pigeonholed based on the type of transportation they like to use. The post fostered much discussion, both among people who understood what […]

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The Last Thing Toronto Needs is More Cyclists

It’s a controversial post title, isn’t it?   However, it’s true. BikingToronto member Todd pointed me towards a great article over on Publicola about how if we want our cities to be more bike-friendly, we need less “cyclists” and more “people who ride bikes”. Essentially, the point of the article is that no one should be […]

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Introducing Our New BikeMonth Section!

Toronto’s BikeMonth runs from May 31 to June 30, and as we do every year, BikingToronto is getting ready by making sure it’s easy for you to know what’s going on every day of it! Check out our new BikeMonth section, featuring: Links to details about each and every BikeMonth event – including a dedicated […]

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Welcome Duncan to the Main Blog

Duncan means business.  Look at all that black clothing! :)

I’d like to welcome Duncan to blogging here on the main blog of BikingToronto. For those of you who have been visiting BikingToronto for a while, you’ll know that Duncan started the first of many member blogs on the site last summer.  His City Rides blog has been a great read, featuring personal stories and […]

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Our First 100 Members!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post quickly to let you know that since re-launching BikingToronto in early January we’ve had 100 people register on the site as members!!! Pretty good for just 2 months, I have to say.  Those were winter months too. If you are one of those 100 people, then thank you […]

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BikingToronto, Interviewed

You may have noticed that BikingToronto is vastly different in 2010 than it was in 2009.  It’s more interactive, social and has, on average, 87% fewer references to Rob Ford.  Okay… just kidding.  Rob Ford is “good copy”, as they say. Ben Elling of Third Rail Repository decided he wanted to interview me to figure […]

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