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Your I Bike T.O. Shirts are being printed!


A couple weeks ago I had a big *at cost* sale on I Bike T.O. shirts which was immensely popular. The sale was to celebrate BikingToronto’s 10,000 followers on Twitter (@bikingtoronto) and 1,500 fans on BikingToronto’s facebook page. I asked the friendly people at the company where the shirts are being printed (Entripy Custom Clothing) […]

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Today is the last day of the I Bike T.O. Shirt Sale!


Last Monday, we launched an *at cost* sale for the super-popular I Bike T.O. Shirts in celebration of 10,000 followers on the @bikingtoronto twitter account and 1,500 likes on the BikingToronto Facebook page… and TODAY is the very LAST day to get in on the deal! The shirts have sold way more than expected… interest […]

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I Bike T.O. Shirt Sale

I Bike T.O. Shirt Sale

UPDATE: Our I Bike T.O. shirt sale is now over. The shirts will be available in select Toronto stores soon (I’ll update this space when they are).  In the meantime, you can always buy them online. ______________________________________________________ Depending on when you see this, the @bikingtoronto twitter account is either near, at, or slightly over 10,000 followers, and our […]

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Most Popular – May 2012

Guest Post: Organizing Girls Only Rides

Determined purely by page views, we give you the Top 25 Most Popular pages on BikingToronto during May 2012. Bikelane Map The original interactive map of Toronto’s bikelanes! How To A collection of great bike how-to articles Guest Post: Organizing Girls Only Rides When I show up to meet my friends somewhere with my helmet dangling from my […]

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Most Popular – April 2012

Determined purely by page views, we give you the Top 25 Most Popular pages on BikingToronto during April 2012. Bikelane Map – yeah! a map of Toronto’s bikelanes! Meet a fellow Cyclist and Her I Bike T.O. Shirt Should the Toronto Cyclists Union change their name to Cycle Toronto? How To – how to do stuff regarding your bike! Winter […]

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2012 Changes for BikingToronto

Photo by 'Xander Labayen of 416CycleStyle

I started making some changes to BikingToronto yesterday.  These are changes I’ve been thinking about for a while. You’ll notice the following design changes: 1. New title logo. Big. Bright. Simple. Sassy. 2. Less clutter. I cleaned stuff up… something I try to do once a year at least. I try to refocus on what […]

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Introducing The News Cycle


I’m going to start a new feature here on BikingToronto… something I’m going to call “The News Cycle”. There is always so much happening in Toronto related to bikes that I sometimes don’t get a chance to blog about it (you can usually find everything on the BikingToronto Facebook Page or Twitter Feed though), and […]

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BikingToronto has 7,000+ Followers on Twitter!


Wow.  Last week we passed 7,000 followers over on Twitter. Our followers include tons of Toronto people, as well as bike-related accounts from all over the “Twitter-verse”… which allows BikingToronto to not only keep them updated on the stuff happening in Toronto, but also helps keep us informed on what’s going on. Looking back, our […]

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Photos from a BikingToronto Firepit Social

Annie - Fire Queen

One of the great things about running a website about biking in Toronto and building it up into the largest and most popular one is all the people you meet.  With a few exceptions, everyone I meet through my work with BikingToronto is kind, generous and giving, and I’ve made some good friends. A few […]

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Biking Toronto Social Tonight!

The Madison's Patio

If you follow BikingToronto on Facebook or Twitter – you already know about this… but in case you don’t… Tonight is the first “Biking Toronto Social” – an informal gathering of people who like to bike Toronto for food and drinks and good conversation. It doesn’t have an agenda, a mandate, a mission statement, or […]

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