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OMG!!  Bike Share Toronto has released where their 1000 new bikes will live!!


Holy huge expansion for Bikeshare Toronto!!!  We're gonna have it all the way from Main St. Station in the east to Dundas West in the west! I've included high-res maps of all the bikeshare stations … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bikeshare Toronto is almost back to full operations


Bikeshare Toronto planned to update their systems in all of their docking stations this past weekend in preparation for a large expansion this summer.  It's taken them longer than expected. via … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto Bike Share outage drags on as staff feels the heat


It'll be back at full strength soon, and I've heard there's a big announcement coming in a week or two as well, fingers crossed. “We were hoping to have a three-day outage, but it’s taking … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bikeshare Toronto System is Temporarily Closed


Bikeshare Toronto is closed this weekend to upgrade all their systems and to get ready for a big expansion! The Bike Share Toronto system is temporarily closed. If you have a bike out, please return … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Bike Share Toronto is upgrading their system (and needs your help).


Bike Share Toronto is upgrading their system this year AND expanding the number of bikes and stations in the system (doubling in size!). They've sent out an update email to members, so if you are … [Read more...]

GENIUS: Washington D.C. Offers a $5 Annual Bike Share Membership for Low-Income Residents


While Toronto is "looking at ways to make public transit more affordable" via a survey, D.C. is going all in and joining Boston and Chicago in doing an insanely genius thing and making bike sharing … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bikeshare Toronto is doubling in size!


Bikeshare Toronto is getting new stations and new bikes, doubling the number of each! Following an extensive tender process the TPA has chosen PBSC Urban Solutions, a world leader in public … [Read more...]

OH YEAH!  2016 – A big year for cycling in Toronto


Jared Kolb, Executive Director of Cycle Toronto, on why 2016 is going to be huge: Some 73 per cent of Torontonians say that the lack of cycling infrastructure keeps them from riding more often. Last … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto Bike Share looking to expand beyond city limits


So, this is good news I guess.  I mean, yes, it's good that Bike Share is expanding, but there has been concerns about it's financial viability.  Sticking bikes out in the suburbs so that Metrolinx … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto’s Bike Share program to get new equipment this spring


Toronto’s Bike Share program is about to get a serious tune-up that may include selling it off and starting from scratch. New equipment is expected to hit streets this spring, and officials at the … [Read more...]