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NEWS: Cyclist in hospital after she was hit by driver on College Street


I hate seeing these new stories come up in my feed. We need the College St. bikelanes reconfigured to make them protected.  Put them right beside the sidewalk, with flex-bollards (like on Richmond … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Portland makes protection the DEFAULT for all new bike lanes


Portland is already a cycling utopia... and they are upping their game.  This just makes sense.  If bikelanes are supposed to make people on bikes safe, then make SAFE bikelanes! Last fall, Oregon's … [Read more...]

OH YEAH!  2016 – A big year for cycling in Toronto


Jared Kolb, Executive Director of Cycle Toronto, on why 2016 is going to be huge: Some 73 per cent of Torontonians say that the lack of cycling infrastructure keeps them from riding more often. Last … [Read more...]

OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD: He likes big cars and he can not lie


Lest you think that the Toronto Sun's Mike Strobel is the only old white privileged old guy in the city who hates bikes and gets published in a newspaper in this town... I give you Jim Kenzie - who … [Read more...]

SAVE THE DATE! Wed, Apr. 20 –  Bikes Mean Business!


Building on the success of a similar Bloor Loves Bikes event in January, the Danforth Loves Bikes group is having a Danforth party at a pub and talking about how amazing bikes are for business! It's … [Read more...]

NEWS: Give Bloor bike lane a green light


A Star editorial comes out in favour of the Bloor bike lane pilot project! Even by the standards of Toronto city hall, this has been an exceedingly slow ride. Almost a quarter century after … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Grow up, Toronto. It’s time to let street parking go


Cycling advocates are on the verge of getting something they have dreamed about for years: bike lanes on Bloor. The pilot project on Bloor Street West between Avenue Road and Shaw Street would put … [Read more...]

OPINION: Moving forward for bike lanes on Bloor-Danforth


Check out this Opinion-Editorial by Albert Koehl and Michael Black on Dandyhorse.  Albert Koehl is an environmental lawyer, founder of Bells on Bloor, and Vice Chair of the Annex Residents … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike lane design for Bloor Street unveiled


More media coverage of the Bloor bike lane pilot.  It'll be interesting to see if the media EVER change how they report things... like "traffic" is always car traffic, not all the people using and … [Read more...]

TODAY! Wed, Mar. 9 – Bloor Street Bike Lanes – Public information Night


Get involved with public information nights about the upcoming Bloor bike lanes! The City of Toronto is proposing a pilot project to install bike lanes on Bloor Street West between Shaw Street (east … [Read more...]