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NEWS: Socknacki and Chow compare cycling plans

Very weird... an entire Toronto Sun article about bikelanes and the columnist doesn't talk crap about them. (but don't read the comments. Never read the comments.  Especially in the Sun). It's good … [Read more...]

NEWS: John Tory is now the Anti-Bike Candidate in the Mayoral Race


Okay, Rob Ford will always be THE anti-bike candidate, but let's just hope his support stays at 20% (in related news, 20% of Torontonians are on crack) and we don't have to deal with him … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: A New Bike Lane That Could Save Lives and Make Cycling More Popular


In the past few years, U.S. cities have come a long way to make sure bicyclists are safe on the road, but even protected bike lanes have an achilles heel: the intersection. Most protected bike … [Read more...]

NEWS: Mayoral candidate proposes banning street parking (to make room for bikelanes)

Finally, some good ideas in this mayoral campaign (I also like Olivia Chow's "target zero" ideas to eliminate pedestrian deaths). Of course Minnan-Wong, chair of Public Works, responds to this by … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Bikers Suck Down Less Pollution When They Ride In Separated Bike Lanes


If you want to encourage cycling in cities, separated bike lanes are key, say cycling advocates. While hard-core riders are happy to mix it with motorized traffic, inexperienced cyclists want the … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: The Case For Protected Bike Lanes


I love that there is SO MUCH about the safety, economic and community benefits of protected bikelanes now. Even Fast Company is in on the party.  Now.. let's get EVERY bikelane in Toronto protected! … [Read more...]

INRASTRUCTURE: What exactly are the rules of the bike lane in Toronto?

Great piece from BlogTO laying out what can and can't use bikelanes. The rules of the Toronto bike lane are, let's face it, unclear. Judging from a recent helmet cam video circulated on YouTube, … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto’s cycling plan: One pedal forward, one back

Less than 10 kilometres. That’s the total length of new bike lanes that were planned to be painted in 2014. But with an election less than five months away and the year half over, they have yet to be … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Freshly re-painted bikelanes on Gerrard East

Gerrard Street East gets some freshly re-painted bikelanes! Anyone else annoyed at how most bikelanes in this city stop before intersections?   Intersections are the VERY places where most car-bike … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike lane zealots a creeping menace


Well, I'm rather proud of this one.  Mike Strobel, one of the angry middle aged men who yell at everything (because the Sun pays them to), frequents Biking Toronto.  Or has. At least … [Read more...]

NEWS: 4 of 5 Mayoral candidates support bike lanes on University Ave.

This is a Toronto Sun article, so if you decide to click through, don't read the comments if you want to have any faith in humanity. Bike lanes on University Ave. could ride into reality if any of … [Read more...]

NEWS: It’s time for Toronto’s second-class cyclists to take over our streets

You GO Christopher Hume!  The revolution will be bicyclized! haha. Seriously though... his point is a valid one... with more infrastructure, the number of cyclists in this city will explode … [Read more...]

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