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NEWS: Blocked bike lanes heat up war between Toronto cyclists and drivers


Behan complimented the city for setting up protected bikes lanes on several downtown streets but said it could do more. "It's great to have them," he said. "I'm very supportive of the city for … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bike lanes on Bloor no longer just a slogan


Love them or hate them, bike lanes are coming to Bloor Street West between Shaw Street and Avenue Road. The city of Toronto has given the green light to a one-year pilot project starting in … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto gaining momentum among cycling cities


Torontonians make 96,000 bike trips a day and the numbers are growing. So is the city’s momentum when it comes to building cycling infrastructure, says the Pembina Institute, a national environmental … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Cactus Club stops valet parking in bike lane after tweets


Good PR for the Cactus Club.  I now know about it and may visit and give them some business for showing respect for the bikelane. The Cactus Club Cafe opened up on Adelaide Street West in Toronto's … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Detroit paints 170 miles of new bike lanes, bike commuting jumps 400%


Detroit, Michigan is paving the way towards a more sustainable urban space by investing in bicycle infrastructure. Since 2006, the city has created 170 miles of bike lanes, and since 2000, bike … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: The Math Behind Minimum Grid


Minimum Grid calls for 100 km of bike boulevards on residential streets and 100 km of protected lanes on main roads. The combination of coverage in both residential neighbourhoods and high-traffic … [Read more...]