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YES! The Bike Rave – A Game Changer (With Glowsticks)

Bike Rave 2014

Rolling through the immense crowd, it is virtually impossible to keep your senses from overloading. The flashing LED lights, innovative homemade costumes, rolling sound systems, and unique two, three, and four-wheeled machines lend to the incomparable, celebratory vibe. Underlying that diversity is an unparalleled sense of unity: Yaletown kids reveling with Mount Pleasant hipsters, along with hundreds of suburbanites specifically hitting the city for a safe, fun, care-free night on their bikes.

Read More: The Bike Rave – A Game Changer (With Glowsticks) – Momentum Mag.

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EVENT: Toronto Bike Rave 2013


Awesome news!  Bike Pirates is again organizing a Bike Rave (Google Image Search) for Toronto this summer!

  • Date: Fri, Aug. 9th
  • Time: Meet at 8:30 pm
  • Start Location: To Be Announced

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/177799179064169/

As far as I can tell, the Bike Rave concept came from Vancouver, where it’s been happening for a few years, and the 2013 edition attracted hundreds and hundreds of bikeravers.

Here’s a couple posts about the 2012 Toronto Bike Rave

And a video from Vancouver:

Vancouver Bike Rave 2011 from Trevor Jansen on Vimeo.


Bike rave is a D.I.Y. event that combines lights with synched music while riding through the streets of Toronto from dance destination to dance destination. The more lights the better, and the more fun the better.

This is Bike Pirates’ second year hosting the event, and we want it to be bigger and better this year!!

Here is the premise:

Everyone covers their bike with lights, glow sticks, streamers, colour, fuzz etc. and meets at the first meeting location. We will make a playlist, which will be available for download a week before the event. At the meeting location, everyone with a sound system will press play at the same time, and then we ride critical mass style through the city. VOILA! Bike Rave.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/177799179064169/

Bike Pirates Blog Post: http://bikepirates.com/2013/07/bike-pirates-bike-rave/

(top photo by Hyedie of the Cupcake Ride Blog)

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