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LET’S GO PARKING! How Toronto Can Expand Bike Parking

In Toronto, the City’s Transportation Services Division is responsible for sidewalk bike parking as well as other short- and long-term bike parking facilities. Although Toronto is not yet home to … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: The Best Way to Promote City Riding? Bike Racks

Personally, my main concern with the recently approved Bloor bike lane pilot is bike parking. Right now, without bike lanes, Bloor bike parking is *packed* with bikes. If bike traffic increases on … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto’s subway stations to maybe get more bike parking

Planning for 2018.  In TTC terms, that's light speed, I guess.  I'm incredulous that it's taken the TTC this long to recognize how people get to transit. There’s hope for better bicycle parking … [Read more...]

NEWS:  TTC Passes Motion To Consider Improved Cycling Facilities Along Transit Routes

Oh yeah!  Nice to see the TTC doing some sensible things to help people bike to and from transit. Next: the TTC should work with Bikeshare Toronto to get docks at every subway station (bus and … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: A New Bike Corral on Harbord!

Spotted on Harbord by Harbord Collegiate (just west of Bathurst) - a bike corral!  Now a dozen bikes can be parked in the space formerly wasted on just 1 car. Look at what just popped up on Harbord … [Read more...]

NEWS: Hudson’s Bay Centre confiscating legally parked bikes

A quick update to the story from a short time ago... the bikes being confiscated are legally parked, and are on PUBLIC property, not private. A portion of sidewalk outside 2 Bloor Street East does in … [Read more...]

NEWS: Security guards cutting locks, confiscating bikes outside Hudson’s Bay Centre

It's never boring in Toronto.  This is galling (locked up bikes "block pedestrians"?  Anyone who knows this corner knows there is a giant sidewalk and a bike locked to the TTC sign does not block … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Check out the new Downtown Yonge BIA bike racks

For the past few days, some old ring-and-post bikeracks have been removed downtown along Yonge to make way for a new design.  I've heard these referred to as "the staple design". Mark Romeril, … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Downtown Yonge BIA replacing/expanding bike racks

I need to try these out to see if they are usable.  Similar ones in Yorkville are a little difficult to lock your bike to.  These look a little different though... so let's hope it's easier. The … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Solving the bike problem with the new generation of bike storage

Great examples of what can be done, and is being done in other cities. The momentum for ‘mode-shift’ to cycling in our cities continues at a pace, giving cyclists a new problem: where do they safely … [Read more...]