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OH YEAH: Cycling Haters Are a Sign of Cycling Success


Driver rants against cyclists are of course nothing new. It’s been pointed out in this space before, most skillfully by Sarah Goodyear last year, that cycling haters are actually a sign of cycling success. As major American cities embrace multimodal transportation and balanced mobility networks, cycling has shifted from an outsider enterprise to the mainstream. […]

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OH YEAH! New Toronto bike cart dishes out healthy lunches and snacks

Hurting for healthy lunch options near the office? About to fall prey to the siren call of that Manchu Wok in the PATH yet again? Look for this health food company and their brand-new bike cart to ride in and save the day. Oats & Ivy hit the road last month, popping up in the […]

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YES! Niagara Bike Winery Tour for $39

Niagara Wine Tour

While I was on the buytopia site looking at the Bikeshare Toronto deal ($50!!), I saw they also have a Niagara Bike Winery Tour on for half price.  Bikes = good. Wine = good.  Sale = goooood. Discover the charm and beauty of Niagara-on-the-Lake while riding on a very leisurely bicycle ride Stop at these award-winning […]

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OH YEAH: Teaching your kids to bike commute – one mile at a time


If there’s one thing bike fans occasionally forget, it’s that there was a time when they didn’t ride a bike. None of us come out of the womb ready to strap on a helmet and pedal away. Yet those of us who love riding bikes often cannot recall a time when bikes weren’t part of […]

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OH YEAH: Driver who made Facebook videos about aggressive behavior towards bicyclists arrested : TreeHugger

Apparently, making a video saying you might one day run a bicyclist into a ditch can get you arrested in Alabama. Or perhaps it was scaring bicyclists by speeding past them… and the evil laughter that followed. In any case, it’s good to know that the law enforcement department in Calhoun County, Alabama, takes bicyclist […]

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OH YEAH: The Best Bike Repair Shops in Toronto

The best bike repair shops in Toronto are safe harbours for true believers – the people who take their lives into their hands by sharing city streets with a river of automobiles. It’s no surprise then that they’re owned and run by people who seem more motivated by love than money, and that the top […]

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OH YEAH: Here’s how to make an intersection safer with a roll of duct tape (video) : TreeHugger


Sometimes it doesn’t take much to turn a dangerous intersection that is hostile to pedestrians and cyclists into a much safer place that is inviting to community. The image above shows what can be done with a roll of duct tape. It was part of a Better Block project in Dallas where an unused street […]

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OH YEAH: How do I bike to work without being gross all day?


We asked the experts for their best tricks, from clothing tips to essential apps to proper deodorant application.  View Big: How do I bike to work without being gross all day? | The Grid TO

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OH YEAH: 14 ways to make bike lanes better (Infographic)


City of Toronto Transportation staff need to see this.  Separated bike lanes can be economical and beautiful, if you put some effort into exploring available options. Modern bike lanes call for modern reference guides. With so many different methods being used to physically separate bike and auto traffic, the tradeoffs can seem countless. That’s where […]

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OH YEAH: Why We Ride to Work

A great series of commuter stories from Momentum Magazine: “Since I always loved riding a bike, it was a lot more fun than sitting in Los Angeles traffic, and bottom line, way cheaper, better exercise, and great for the environment. L.A. is a very wide and horizontal city, bisected by some serious hills, so commuting […]

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