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OH YEAH: Plan a Bike Picnic in 15 Minutes

A gentle breeze and sun that wants to warm your back is calling. What would be better than a picnic by bike? The plan sounds dreamy, but I worry over the details. How many deviled eggs? Should I bring my lace parasol? Hypoallergenic or anti-bacterial baby wipes? I’m a sweaty mess even before I touch […]

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OH YEAH: Save a Bike. Save the World. Sign the petition to help us stop bike theft.


Every 30 seconds, a cyclist has their bike stolen in the United States. Nearly half of college students with bicycles will lose them during their education. Bicycle theft is rampant in the United States, and it’s due in part to the ease of fencing stolen bikes through online sites. There’s a simple solution that would […]

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OH YEAH: Feist rides her bike to Echo beach, parks with Bike Valet

  VERY cool!  If you needed another reason to like Feist (you probably don’t need yet another reason), then here it is. Feist rode down to see Kevin Drew play at Echo Beach tonight, and she picked up a #MinimumGrid bikeband at our Bike Valet! http://minimumgrid.ca/  via Cycle Toronto – Mobile Uploads.

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OH YEAH! Has Toronto’s Bike Batman helped you?

A very cool story came through the Centre for Social Innovation‘s facebook page last night: “We noticed a lot of bikes locked up on the street with flat tires and rusty chains and thought: here’s an opportunity to perform a random act of kindness and show a few people how great riding bike can be […]

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OH YEAH! Honest City Biking Signs

Cars parked in your bikelane?  Bikelanes that are planned with seemingly no thoughts about safety?  Weird routes through parks and ravines but not actually where people live and work? Toronto cyclist Joe Byer has relayed his frustration at these things into a series of “Honest Signs” which are great. See all the signs: Honest City Biking […]

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OH YEAH: Cycling Haters Are a Sign of Cycling Success


Driver rants against cyclists are of course nothing new. It’s been pointed out in this space before, most skillfully by Sarah Goodyear last year, that cycling haters are actually a sign of cycling success. As major American cities embrace multimodal transportation and balanced mobility networks, cycling has shifted from an outsider enterprise to the mainstream. […]

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OH YEAH! New Toronto bike cart dishes out healthy lunches and snacks

Hurting for healthy lunch options near the office? About to fall prey to the siren call of that Manchu Wok in the PATH yet again? Look for this health food company and their brand-new bike cart to ride in and save the day. Oats & Ivy hit the road last month, popping up in the […]

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YES! Niagara Bike Winery Tour for $39

Niagara Wine Tour

While I was on the buytopia site looking at the Bikeshare Toronto deal ($50!!), I saw they also have a Niagara Bike Winery Tour on for half price.  Bikes = good. Wine = good.  Sale = goooood. Discover the charm and beauty of Niagara-on-the-Lake while riding on a very leisurely bicycle ride Stop at these award-winning […]

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OH YEAH: Teaching your kids to bike commute – one mile at a time


If there’s one thing bike fans occasionally forget, it’s that there was a time when they didn’t ride a bike. None of us come out of the womb ready to strap on a helmet and pedal away. Yet those of us who love riding bikes often cannot recall a time when bikes weren’t part of […]

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OH YEAH: Driver who made Facebook videos about aggressive behavior towards bicyclists arrested : TreeHugger

Apparently, making a video saying you might one day run a bicyclist into a ditch can get you arrested in Alabama. Or perhaps it was scaring bicyclists by speeding past them… and the evil laughter that followed. In any case, it’s good to know that the law enforcement department in Calhoun County, Alabama, takes bicyclist […]

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