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OH YEAH! Woman sees photo of her bike being stolen, then watches thief get arrested


Great coincidence, plus justice! A Toronto PhD student was despondent after having her bike stolen, but then saw a photo online allegedly showing a suit-wearing thief in the middle of nabbing her … [Read more...]

SURVEY SAYS! Air Pollution and Bicycle Route Choice Survey

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How far are you willing to bicycle to avoid exposure to traffic related air pollution?  A new survey being conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto is trying to answer that question: We … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Stolen bike returned to its owner, thanks to Bunz


Bunz can apparently do everything.  Even recover stolen bikes! Christy Dukitsch was hustling to make it to a concert after work when she spotted it: a blue street bike with lilac-coloured handlebars … [Read more...]

OH YEAH!  Toronto’s Planning Division loves bikes!


There's been a great series of tweets the last couple of days by Toronto's Planning Division, @CityPlanTO, highlighting staff members who bike Toronto, for #biketoworkday! I've included a couple in … [Read more...]

SPOILER ALERT! Biking in Toronto will change your life


It's true.  Biking is a life-changer. You should never do something because everyone else is doing it. But in this case, it means biking is a safe and reliable form of transportation and confirms … [Read more...]

WIN! Support Torontoist and Win A Bike


If you're into local journalism, and need a bike, this is the campaign for you. If you would like this bike to be yours–it’s a pretty sweet ride–then all you have to do is become a supporter of … [Read more...]

YOLO = POLO!  Bike Polo is a thing in Toronto


Bike Polo is a thing, and it's getting more popular. Bike Polo Toronto has been around for a few years, but organizers expect this summer to be especially packed with more and more people coming out … [Read more...]

EAT IT: New Toronto food tour makes you bike for your dinner


Like biking and eating?  Who doesn't!   This sounds like an upscale twist on something groups of friends have been doing for years - going for a bike ride and stopping to eat lots. Cycledine is … [Read more...]

READ IT: New Complete Streets book launched by TCAT


The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation has a great new book: The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) launched its new book, Complete Street Transformations in the Greater Golden … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Suburban Etobicoke councillor changes vote on Bloor bike lanes to a ‘yes’


More proof that politicians who actually take time to understand the issues are, in fact, better politician. “Riding it, you do realize a separate bike lane is infinitely safer than riding with … [Read more...]