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Video: Copenhagen Bike Rush Hour

What’s it look like when about a third of a city’s commuters go by bike? This video is of a major cycling route in Copenhagen that sees more than 25,000 cyclists a day (the entire city of about 1.7 million has more than 500,000 bike commuters).

Great bike infrastructure begets more people on bikes…

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Miller Beer Ad Promoting Car-Free Lifestyle and Winter Biking

The last thing you may expect from a beer company:

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BikeFriday on MTVLive Video

BikeFriday was on MTVLive last month … it’s now up on YouTube. :)

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Bells on Bloor: Cool Photo and Video

I missed the BellsonBloor ride yesterday – but it looks like lots of people made it. Reports are that close to 1,000 cyclists came out to show support for bikelanes on Bloor (which would hopefully extend over to the Danforth too!). Here’s a cool photo from Darren and a video from Tino of the event:

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Video: Toronto Bike Week 2007 Interview

If you’re missing BikeWeek, here’s a nice little video:

Christine is the official organizer for Toronto Bike Week. The Toronto Crime Stoppers School Officer caught up to her after the official launch of Bike Week at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto on Monday May 28th. She discusses healthy living, bicycle safety and bicycle theft prevention.

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