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Video: Copenhagen Cycling Moments with Funky Music

Want a cool bike video from Copenhagen with a funky Eurobeat soundtrack with spoken lyrics in another language? It might be Danish, but I'm not sure. … [Read more...]

Video: Copenhagen Bike Rush Hour

What's it look like when about a third of a city's commuters go by bike? This video is of a major cycling route in Copenhagen that sees more than 25,000 cyclists a day (the entire city of about 1.7 … [Read more...]

Miller Beer Ad Promoting Car-Free Lifestyle and Winter Biking

The last thing you may expect from a beer company: … [Read more...]

BikeFriday on MTVLive Video

BikeFriday was on MTVLive last month ... it's now up on YouTube. :) … [Read more...]

Bells on Bloor: Cool Photo and Video


I missed the BellsonBloor ride yesterday - but it looks like lots of people made it. Reports are that close to 1,000 cyclists came out to show support for bikelanes on Bloor (which would hopefully … [Read more...]

Video: Toronto Bike Week 2007 Interview

If you're missing BikeWeek, here's a nice little video:Christine is the official organizer for Toronto Bike Week. The Toronto Crime Stoppers School Officer caught up to her after the official launch … [Read more...]