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Video: NYC Bike Move

Moving all of your worldly possessions by human power!From Streetfilms. … [Read more...]

First Person Perspective of the Ice Bike Races

What happens when our pal Tino slaps a camera on his bike and takes part in the "Rubber Race" at the Ice Bike Races? We get an amusing video. Thanks Tino! … [Read more...]

The Easy Way To Bike Up A Hill

Gotta love the Norwegians. In the hilly town of Trondheim, they wanted to ease the burden for cyclists tackling one of the largest hills in town - so they installed a bikelift (Trampe).I can think of … [Read more...]

Video: Toronto Winter BikeLane Maintenance

It's not just cycling advocates that get frustrated when the city doesn't clear bikelanes... regular people do too... here's a video from a guy who decided to document it: … [Read more...]

Video: Thwarting Bike Theft at the Community Bicycle Network

This video was posted to promote the Coldest Day of the Year Ride (back on Jan. 30th), but is mostly about the Community Bicycle Network - how it fixes up and sells used bikes and gets people to … [Read more...]

Stuff: A Bicycle That Creates Clean Air and Water!

Here's a very cool invention from Specialized and Google's "Innovate or Die" competition.The "Aquaduct" Bicycle "consists of a storage tank, filter, peristaltic pump, clean tank and clutch.":Via … [Read more...]

Video: Extreme Winter Biking

Toronto received a sizable dump of snow late last week, and it's all melting this week (with forecast temperature highs for tomorrow of 9 degrees celcius). If you think urban winter cycling is … [Read more...]

Video: The Pedestrian Scramble or "Barnes Dance"

Remember in the fall when City Council approved "Pedestrian Scrambles" for Bloor & Yonge, Bay & Bloor, Yonge & Dundas and Bay & Dundas on a pilot project basis?A Pedestrian Scramble is … [Read more...]

Video: First Person Mountain Biking

Here's a crazy little video of a mountain bike run from a helmet cam. Be sure and not be already queasy when watching this - the sense of motion is overwhelming. … [Read more...]

What Are BikeBoxes and How Are They Used?

If you don't already know about Streetfilms... it's an NYC-based site that is all videos about the improvement of public space. It's affiliated with Streetsblog.Bikeboxes are little areas painted … [Read more...]