Learn more about BikingToronto and Singer Kwinter

Video: First Person Mountain Biking

Here’s a crazy little video of a mountain bike run from a helmet cam. Be sure and not be already queasy when watching this – the sense of motion is overwhelming.

What Are BikeBoxes and How Are They Used?

If you don’t already know about Streetfilms… it’s an NYC-based site that is all videos about the improvement of public space. It’s affiliated with Streetsblog. Bikeboxes are little areas painted behind crosswalks (and ahead of where cars stop) at intersections that give cyclists priority when the light turns green. Here is a Streetfilm about how […]

The Battle for Britain’s Roads

From Streetsblog: For 40 years, Britain’s motorists have been the kings of the road, claiming their title through tax discs and fuel duty. But now the balance of power is shifting. There are new pretenders to the throne. Pedestrians and cyclists want equal rights on the road, and this has sparked a war. Our roads […]

Battle of the Folding Bikes

Want unusually chipper British television hosts waxing enthusiastic about folding bikes? Want to see a show-down between the A-Bike and the Strida? Your weird wants are fulfilled: (via TreeHugger)

Video: Cycling Friendly Cities

Via ReadingToronto: Want to know what a people oriented city looks like? Watch this film and find out. Here is a quote: “In a country where the average income is higher than that of the United States many citizens have chosen the bicycle as their means of transportation because they live better that way.”

Video: Ciclovia in Bogota, Columbia

From Streetfilms: On Sunday we spent the entire day – from 5 AM ’til nearly 5 PM – riding bicycles around the city courtesy of the Ciclovia, a weekly event in which over 70 miles of city streets are closed to traffic where residents come out to walk, bike, run, skate, recreate, picnic, and talk […]

Video: Copenhagen Cycling Moments with Funky Music

Want a cool bike video from Copenhagen with a funky Eurobeat soundtrack with spoken lyrics in another language? It might be Danish, but I’m not sure.

Video: Copenhagen Bike Rush Hour

What’s it look like when about a third of a city’s commuters go by bike? This video is of a major cycling route in Copenhagen that sees more than 25,000 cyclists a day (the entire city of about 1.7 million has more than 500,000 bike commuters). Great bike infrastructure begets more people on bikes…

Miller Beer Ad Promoting Car-Free Lifestyle and Winter Biking

The last thing you may expect from a beer company:

BikeFriday on MTVLive Video

BikeFriday was on MTVLive last month … it’s now up on YouTube. :)