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Video: Winter Cycling from the Star

The Star has a short little video on their site about winter cycling. I can't figure out how to embed it in this blog post, so you'll have to visit the link. :) … [Read more...]

Video: Toronto Critical Mass – February 2008

A very short video of February's Critical Mass:From YouTuber jnyyz. … [Read more...]

Video: 1963 Bike Safety Film, with Monkeys

1963 Bike Safety Film, with Monkeys and awesome music. … [Read more...]

Video: From Tragedy to Advocacy in NYC

Streetfilms has a cool feature called Cyclist of the Month. Their most recent one is about Mary Beth Kelly. Mary's husband was killed while they were out for a ride on a Greenway in Hudson River … [Read more...]

Video: The Purple Traffic Calming Wizard

New York City used to be hostile to cyclists... Toronto now has to emulate them, as evidenced by this video from last Hallowe'en... at least I hope that's why Clarence of Streetfilms is dressed up:We … [Read more...]

Video: Dukes Cycle

A very nice little video about the Queen West Fire and Duke's Cycle: … [Read more...]

Video: NYC Bike Move

Moving all of your worldly possessions by human power!From Streetfilms. … [Read more...]

First Person Perspective of the Ice Bike Races

What happens when our pal Tino slaps a camera on his bike and takes part in the "Rubber Race" at the Ice Bike Races? We get an amusing video. Thanks Tino! … [Read more...]

The Easy Way To Bike Up A Hill

Gotta love the Norwegians. In the hilly town of Trondheim, they wanted to ease the burden for cyclists tackling one of the largest hills in town - so they installed a bikelift (Trampe).I can think of … [Read more...]

Video: Toronto Winter BikeLane Maintenance

It's not just cycling advocates that get frustrated when the city doesn't clear bikelanes... regular people do too... here's a video from a guy who decided to document it: … [Read more...]

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