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VIDEO: See Cyclist. Think Horse.

Pretty humourous video from Scotland about giving cyclists space on the roads.  You can bet drivers give horses a lot of space here in Toronto (probably because they always have cops riding them).

via: Cycling Scotland : See cyclist. Think Horse. [Commercial 2013] – YouTube.

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VIDEO: It’s Your Move Active Transportation Champion Nicole Arsenault


Another in a great series of “It’s Your Move” videos from TCAT.  Also, I went to high school with Nicole.  Great job Nicole!

With Nicole`s It`s Your Move video, we`re highlighting the importance of dedicated funding for active transportation projects and infrastructure that would help create pedestrian and cycling connections between the University campus and the communities of York region that surround it.TCAT’s It’s Your Move is a video series that is part of a strategic partnership with Metrolinx designed to promote the importance of walking and cycling. Each video in the 12-part series features a leader living in Halton, York, Peel, Durham, Hamilton or Toronto.

via Video Release: It’s Your Move Active Transportation Champion Nicole Arsenault | Toronto Centre for Active Transportation.

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VIDEO: Do you know the ABCD Quick Check?

I’m good friends with Michelle Johnston, a certified CAN-Bike instructor and the founder of Working Well, which aims to create healthy workplace cultures.  She has started a series of Bike Safety How-To Videos on the Working Well YouTube Channel.

She’s back with a 3rd video and blog post on a quick way to do a safety check on your bicycle.

View her other videos too!


Check out the blog post here.



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ELSEWHERE: Checking out Ottawa Bike Infrastructure, Part 3

Here’s the 3rd and final installment in the Ottawa Bike Video Postcards series.  This time it’s from the Alexandra Bridge over the Ottawa River.

I walked out there as Ottawa almost totally shuts down after 5pm (all government workers, I guess)… even the one downtown bike rental place.  So, although I wanted to do some biking in the evenings after I was done my conference stuff, there wasn’t a way.

Previous Videos from Ottawa:



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ELSEWHERE: Checking out Ottawa Bike Infrastructure, Part 2

Hey everyone, back with another quick video postcard about Ottawa bike infrastructure.  This one is about separated bikelanes on Laurier Ave that run the length of downtown Ottawa.  They are made simply and cheaply, but very effectively.

If you missed yesterday’s video post, it was about dedicated lanes for bikes and transit on the Mackenzie King Bridge over the Rideau Canal.



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