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OH YEAH: Fiestklik: A “Klik” Toward the Perfect Rear Rack


“If your bike can do more, you can ride more,” is the inspiration behind Amsterdam-based Fietsklik. Read More: Fiestklik: A "Klik" Toward the Perfect Rear Rack Read More: Fiestklik: A "Klik" Toward … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Bike myths debunked


exp:eehive_hacksaw allow=" "} MYTH: Bicyclists don’t help pay for the roads they use. Flickr.com Many people mistakenly believe that taxes levied on gas pay for road construction and maintenance. … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Text While Driving In Bay Area And You Might End Up On A Billboard


This month, some residents of San Francisco might discover photographs of themselves engaging in rather embarrassing behavior. A website has been collecting photos of people texting while driving, and … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Five Teams Compete to Create the “Ultimate Urban Utility Bike”

Oregon Manifest The Bike Design Project 2014

Fuji Bikes is proud to announce that it will be the manufacturing partner for Oregon Manifest and Levi's "The Bike Design Project," a pioneering bike design competition that partners five high-level … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Win a Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag

Po Campo Six Corners Black Bike Contests Blog

Momentum Mag is giving away a Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag in Black Waxed Canvas. Enter by Sunday, March 30, 2014 for your chance to win. Read More: Win a Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Penny farthing for sale


Penny farthing for sale Photo by Lorne Shields While we don’t normally post things for sale, we made an exception for this charming penny farthing as we do love to discuss things from the “days of the … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Life from the Saddle of an Upright City Bicycle

How making the switch to a classically styled upright city bike can change your perspective and bring more joy to your ride. Read More: Life from the Saddle of an Upright City Bicycle Read More: Life … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: 5 New City Bikes for Under $500

Decked out with must-have accessories that include fenders, racks, lights, bells, (and even a bottle opener) these lower-priced bikes prove that you don't have to sacrifice utility or style as the … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: A new iPhone app helps cyclists decide what to wear

When you check your typical weather app, you’ll see it’s 15 degrees Celsius (59 Fahrenheit) and there’s a chance of rain later on. But what does that mean in terms of the kind of gear you should wear? … [Read more...]

STUFF: Does the world need a glow-in-the-dark bike?

The Lumen bike from Mission Bikes, is a lovely thing. It also has a special feature: "By day the Lumen is a deep charcoal gray, with a slight iridescent sheen. The embedded reflective material adds a … [Read more...]

POLITICS: Olivia Chow to launch mayoral bid on Thursday


Well, I hope this is true.  Olivia is the best choice for a bike-friendly mayor.  Something we need now more than ever. See below for a great video by her about cycling safely in Toronto. Above … [Read more...]

COMIC: The most dangerous game: Driving

Dinosaur Comics is awesome. via Dinosaur Comics on the most dangerous game: Driving : TreeHugger. … [Read more...]

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