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INFRASTRUCTURE: First major academic study of protected bike lanes in the U.S. is released


Today, Portland State University's National Institute of Transportation and Communitiesreleased its voluminous findings from a wide-ranging study of protected bike lane intersections in five U.S. … [Read more...]

PHOTOS: 25th Toronto Bike to Work Day Group Commute


Over on their facebook page, Cycle Toronto has just posted a great photo album of tons of photos from Monday's Bike to Work Day (and Pancake Breakfast)!  Check it out (and if you participated, look … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Teaching your kids to bike commute – one mile at a time


If there's one thing bike fans occasionally forget, it's that there was a time when they didn't ride a bike. None of us come out of the womb ready to strap on a helmet and pedal away. Yet those of us … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Driver who made Facebook videos about aggressive behavior towards bicyclists arrested : TreeHugger

Apparently, making a video saying you might one day run a bicyclist into a ditch can get you arrested in Alabama. Or perhaps it was scaring bicyclists by speeding past them... and the evil laughter … [Read more...]

EVENTS: Bike Month T-Shirts Sneak Peek!


A sneak preview of this year's BikeMonth shirts, modelled by the insanely attractive CycleToronto staff. Get yours by joining the group commute on Monday, May 26, and remember to sign up (its … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: The Best Bike Repair Shops in Toronto

The best bike repair shops in Toronto are safe harbours for true believers - the people who take their lives into their hands by sharing city streets with a river of automobiles. It's no surprise then … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Here’s how to make an intersection safer with a roll of duct tape (video) : TreeHugger


Sometimes it doesn't take much to turn a dangerous intersection that is hostile to pedestrians and cyclists into a much safer place that is inviting to community. The image above shows what can be … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: How do I bike to work without being gross all day?


We asked the experts for their best tricks, from clothing tips to essential apps to proper deodorant application.  View Big: How do I bike to work without being gross all day? | The Grid TO … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: 14 ways to make bike lanes better (Infographic)


City of Toronto Transportation staff need to see this.  Separated bike lanes can be economical and beautiful, if you put some effort into exploring available options. Modern bike lanes call for … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Why We Ride to Work

A great series of commuter stories from Momentum Magazine: “Since I always loved riding a bike, it was a lot more fun than sitting in Los Angeles traffic, and bottom line, way cheaper, better … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: The top 5 DIY bike repair shops in Toronto


Great list... but are there more than 5? The top DIY bike repair shops in Toronto are about more than fixing flat tires and tightening headsets. These are community hubs that encourage cycling … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Buid your own open source cargo bike


Interesting concept! It's more than just a bike; it is a different way of thinking about design and manufacturing. http://ift.tt/Q6DxQL Read More: Buid your own open source cargo bike (or buy it from … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Urban Group Bike Rides

Large urban group bike rides introduce you to people, places, and experiences in a whole new way. http://ift.tt/eA8V8J Read More: Urban Group Bike Rides Read More: Urban Group Bike Rides - Momentum … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: How Do You Make Roads Safer For Bikes? Nix Drivers

Self-driving cars are better at responding to pedestrians and cyclists. Then there's that road rage thing. The best way to accomplish Vision Zero--the ambitious plan currently under way to completely … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: The top 5 cycling clubs in Toronto

The top cycling clubs in Toronto range from the recreational to the race-ready with a fair number of options in between. While there's a little bit of a learning curve affiliated with group riding, … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Organizing for cycling season

Do you have a number of bicycles and bicycle equipment that could use some orderly attention now that the weather is getting warmer? Jacki has tips to help you organize these items. Let Unclutterer … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: 7 benefits a Portland Domino’s Pizza shop gets from its new cargo trike

Of course, the benefits are similar to the benefits anyone would get from biking instead of driving, but some of those stand out more. http://ift.tt/1jabOtA Read More: 7 benefits a Portland Domino's … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Why I taught my daughter to bike in the city

Bill Ulfelder, executive director of The Nature Conservancy in New York, wants his 10-year-old to share his love of bike adventures. http://ift.tt/1hKRB9b Read More: Why I taught my daughter to … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Scene: The Blessing of the Bikes

Toronto bikes get their spiritual spring tune-up. WHERE: Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre (427 Bloor Street West) WHEN: Sunday, April 27, noon–1 p.m. WHAT: The fifth annual Blessing of the Bikes, hosted by … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Undercover Houston Bike Cops Bust Dangerous Drivers


“We asked them to put police officers in plain clothes on bicycles with support in the area, so if someone did pass them too closely, they could call on their support to pull over that driver and … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Crowdsource Your Next Bike Vacation

The rise of the sharing economy has put dozens of tools at your fingertips, allowing you to connect directly with locals, and save yourself some money in the process. http://ift.tt/eA8V8J Read More: … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: How to Host a Women Bike Forum


Increasingly, individual leaders and bicycling organizations are starting that conversation with a gathering of female riders and bike-curious residents. To help make these events as successful as … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Win a Tern Bicycles Link D8 Folding Bike

Tern Link D8 Folding Bike Contests Blog

This week on the Momentum Mag Contests Blog, you get double the chances to win a folding bike from Tern Bicycles. You could win a Tern Link D8 folding bike. Mobile phones, umbrellas, point and … [Read more...]

VIDEO: ALLEYCATS – Bike Racing with Less Rules


How the unsanctioned bike racing movement grew from its Toronto roots into a global phenomenon. Being a bike messenger is simple. You deliver a package from Point A to Point B. Or so it … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: For $3000, you can own one of the world’s smallest cafés


The Nordic Society For Invention and Discovery (NSID) has developed one possible solution for a low-cost and low-impact competitor in the crowded coffee market, and it can be yours for just $3000. The … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Why cargo bikes are better than cars


Documentary filmmaker Liz Canning, is showing the history of a phenomenon coming to life again in America and around the world in her new film Less Car More Go, now on Kickstarter. Canning credits the … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Instagram Contest – #petsonbikes – Momentum Mag

Instagram Contest petsonbikes Linus Bike Contests Blog

It's contest time! Instagram a photo of your pet on your bike, tag @momentummag and use the hashtag #petsonbikes to enter to win a pet carrier* from @linusbike. One entry per photo, but you can … [Read more...]

EVENT: Wed, April 16 – Open House about Danforth re-construction between Woodbine and Vic Park

Drop in and let them know that bikes belong.  There is NOTHING in the plans as far as cycling infrastructure is concerned! A public drop-in event to learn more about the construction and … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Public Works: Take That Park and Ride It

ParkCycle Swarm attaches micro-parks to bikes, letting you take your green space wherever you go. Public Works looks at public space, urban design, and city-building innovations from around the world, … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Review of This Road Continues One Block North

This Road Continues One Block North, by Christine Bruce Review by: Steve Brearton Cycling by its nature is a solitary pursuit: one person, one bike. Toronto boasts a rich cultural environment, … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: 10 reasons hopping on your bike is the best thing ever

We've talked about the things holding you back from cycling, now it's only fair that we mention the many ways readers' lives are enriched by hopping on a bike The unique feeling I have on a bike is … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: LESS CAR MORE GO – the cargo bike documentary by Liz Canning

This looks AMAZING! In early 2011, almost three years before the Wall Street Journal dubbed cargo bikes "the New Station Wagon," filmmaker Liz Canning began making LESS CAR MORE GO. The project is a … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Win tickets to the Ontario Bike Summit mixer at Steam Whistle

Win tickets to the Ontario Bike Summit mixer at Steam Whistle Hey Bike Lovers! Want to mix and mingle with some of the most dedicated bike advocates around? You could win 2 free tickets to the Ontario … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Bring Back the War on the Car

Toronto needs warriors to fight for cyclists, pedestrians, and the life of the city. Whatever happened to the War on the Car? I miss it. And I struggle to accept the fact that one madman’s election … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Ride the Runway with Momentum Mag in NYC


Need a good excuse to go to NYC? Do you want to strut your stuff on the Momentum Mag bike fashion show runway?  Read More: Ride the Runway with Momentum Mag in New York - Momentum Mag Photo of … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Cycle Toronto – We’re hiring part-time Bike Valet Co-ordinators

We're hiring part-time Bike Valet Coordinators! Applications due Fri Apr 11. Please share widely. http://cycleto.ca/news/2014/03/28/cycle-toronto-hiring-bike-valet-coordinators Read More: Cycle … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Bicycle race at the Scarborough velodrome

Story by: Nico Mara-McKay Photos from Toronto Archives The Scarboro Beach Amusement Park was located in the Beaches neighbourhood. It featured various attractions such as a theatre, freak shows, a … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Enter to win one of two free Brodie Bicycles

A chance for two lucky people to win a new Brodie Voltage! Enter on Facebook or tweet “I just entered the #bfree Sweepstakes to win one of TWO @brodiebikes Voltages- RT to Enter! ow.ly/vfMQx” to win! … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Car-free living — back to location, and a quick word on the benefits of cars

Wrapping up this series on car-free living, I'm compelled to come back to the issue of location. Also, I think it's important to note that car-free living isn't for everyone, and there are some … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Car-free living — meeting with friends

Wrapping up my series on car-free living, I'm going to tie up a few quick loose ends in this article, and also come back to my original point. Read More: Car-free living — meeting with friends Read … [Read more...]

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