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Balancing Streetcar Accessibility with Cyclist Safety on the new Roncesvalles

There are a lot of BIAs in Toronto who see cyclists as a nuisance (I’m thinking specifically of the Yorkville BIAs exclusion of cycling infrastructure in their multimillion plans), but that isn’t the case with the Roncesvalles Village BIA. Recently, plans have been unveiled for a reconfiguration of Roncesvalles that placed more emphasis on making […]

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The Greater Toronto Transportation Authority and Bikes

Living the Viva Loca… um, Wild Transit? [photo credit] The new GTTA hasn’t completely forgotten about bikes in their plans for Greater Toronto transit organization, co-ordination, and probably a few other “-ation” words: In August, the GTTA approved a first “quick-win” list of projects, including: adding 20 new double-decker passenger coaches to the GO Lakeshore […]

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TTC’s streetcar Proposal for King ‘madness’

I don’t see anything in the news about last nights King Street Transit Mall Community Consultation other than this piece in the Post… so I’m wondering if anyone besides autocentric and narrowminded business owners went (please note that I’m not calling all business owners autocentric and narrowminded – just the ones who think that cars […]

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King Street Transit Mall Meeting Tonight – BikeLanes Possible!

TTC Chair Adam Giambrone mentioned at the NOW Bike Forum last week that the TTC would try to incorporate bikelanes into any plans for a King Street Transit Mall… Well, tonight (Wednesday April 18th, 2007 at 7:30 p.m.), there will be a Community Consultation Meeting regarding Dedicated Streetcar Lanes on King Street West.The meeting will […]

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Biking the Dundas Streetcar Reconstruction – Clarification

Here’s some clarification from the City of Toronto about their advice for cyclists during the Dundas Streetcar Track Reconstruction. Originally, it sounded like the City was asking that cyclists walk their bike through construction zones, but thanks to the efforts of Pauline Craig, the BUG co-ordinator at the City (who emailed the reconstruction people about […]

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Less Cars on Yonge Street and King Street

Some interesting car-free ideas for you: There’s been a few items in Toronto news lately about plans to not only narrow Yonge Street between Bloor & Front, but to change part of King West into a transit-oriented street temporarily next summer as a trial. The Yonge Street idea has the street narrowing from 4 lanes […]

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The Most Cost Effective Sustainable Transportation

Dear Politicians, Want to get the most bang for your political dollar? Here’s a simple math lesson for you: Cost of Infrastructure:One km of Subway: ~$250,000,000One km of “Light Rail Transit : ~25,000,000One km of Bikelanes: ~$100,000 Cost of Vehicles:Subway Train (6 cars): ~$18,000,000Streetcar: ~$7,500,000Bike: ~FREE Everyone who wants to bike buys a bike. They […]

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Cyclists and the Dundas Streetcar Track Reconstruction

From the City of Toronto: Councillor Fletcher‘s office has requested that the Toronto cyclist community be kept informed of upcoming construction work on Dundas Street. The Dundas streetcar tracks are being reconstructed from Broadview Avenue in the east to Howard Park in the west, including the DVP and Sorauren Bridges. For safety reasons, cyclists are […]

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320 New TTC Buses To Have BikeRacks!

Just following up from my post from yesterday… I wondered if the 320 new low-floor accessible buses the TTC was scheduled to receive delivery of in 2007 would have bikeracks installed on the front, making it much more practical for Torontonians to combine cycling and the TTC on a trip through the city. When the […]

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Bikeracks on New Buses?

So, this afternoon I got curious about if there were indeed going to be bikeracks on all the new buses the TTC is getting, as I posted on BikingToronto back in September 2006: The great news is that the following three proposals were passed:1) Adopt as a policy principle that bike racks be included on […]

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Yesterday at City Hall

You may remember that my first post of 2007 was about progress on the Metropass Affinity Program – especially since the exact name and concept was adopted by the mayor‘s campaign team as part of his transit platform in the run-up to the fall election. I met with TTC Chair Adam Giambrone and Vice-Chair Joe […]

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Help the TTC Improve TTC.ca

If you’re like me, you use your bike as your primary mode of transportation around Toronto, but also use the TTC to get around if it’s pouring rain (and you don’t feel like getting as wet) or it’s one of those bitterly cold winter days (some of you younger readers may not remember these… why, […]

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A Good Way To Start A Car-Free 2007

Happy New Year, everyone! I logged into my email this morning to see something very cool. Back in early December, I emailed the mayor, new TTC chair Adam Giambrone and vice-chair Joe Mihevc to offer my congratulations on their re-elections, but also to establish contact in pursuing linking up my efforts with the Sierra Club […]

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Streetcar Door Etiquette

There’s a cool post over on Torontoist about the TTC’s recent efforts to help drivers know that they should be stopping for open streetcar doors. Basically, the TTC is placing big ugly (in my opinion) stickers on the rear windows of streetcars. Why don’t we do the same thing with streetcars as is done with […]

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A MAP for Cleaner Air in Toronto

[note: the "Metropass Affinity Program" is no longer running.] I’m off to meet with the Sierra Club tonight to talk about making the TTC more attractive to Torontonians. It’s actually because of biking and breathing in the nauseating exhaust of cars that brought the Sierra Club and I together to work on the Metropass Affinity […]

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