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OH YEAH: Fiestklik: A “Klik” Toward the Perfect Rear Rack


“If your bike can do more, you can ride more,” is the inspiration behind Amsterdam-based Fietsklik. Read More: Fiestklik: A "Klik" Toward the Perfect Rear Rack Read More: Fiestklik: A "Klik" Toward … [Read more...]

STUFF: Bookman Cup Holder

This Swedish Bike Cup Holder made me look: Open the spring by pressing the rings together, place it on the handlebar and let go. The cup holder clamps down on the handlebars and sits firmly in place … [Read more...]

STUFF: Bike Camera films everything


When drivers hit someone on a bike, they tend to have a common excuse: They didn’t see the cyclist. And it’s usually pretty impossible to prove fault, even though around 50,000 cyclists are injured by … [Read more...]

RETAIL: Toronto’s getting it’s very own Cargo Bike Brand!


Not a lot of details, but it looks like Toronto's getting it's own Cargo Bike Brand.  Check it out and save $500 by pre-ordering one. Haul Bikes. … [Read more...]

BlogTO compiles the Best Used Bike Shops in Toronto


The best used bike shops in Toronto offer a useful alternative to fending for yourself on Craigslist. While there's certainly some premium involved in buying from a store rather than some dude in … [Read more...]

Cardboard bike that will retail for $20 ready to be put in production

Cardboard bike that will retail for $20 ready to be put in production

  BikingToronto highlighted this cool invention last week, and the Star is picking up on it now.  It's a very neat story, so we don't mind highlighting it again. Are you ready to ride the … [Read more...]

Today is the last day of the I Bike T.O. Shirt Sale!


Last Monday, we launched an *at cost* sale for the super-popular I Bike T.O. Shirts in celebration of 10,000 followers on the @bikingtoronto twitter account and 1,500 likes on the BikingToronto … [Read more...]

Deal: 4 LED Valve Stem Lights for just 10 Bucks

$10 for 4 Motion Activated LED Valve Stem Lights ($40 Value)

It's not often that something cool AND bike-related shows up on one of those Groupon-like deal sites, but "TeamBuy" has a very cool one going on now, so I wanted to share because 1) these valve stem … [Read more...]

Light Your Bike! Mini-Monkey Spoke Light Review


NOTE: This is a guest post by Emma Jenkin, who wrote a great post for BikingToronto back in September about making a DIY TRON LightBike, and returns to review Mini-Monkey Spokelights! Learn more about … [Read more...]

Street Scene – Winter Cyclist


Spacing continues their great "Street Scene" series of artistic posts today with Jerry Waese's "Winter Cyclist": … [Read more...]

Get Your Bike Love On!


Valentine's Day is less than a month away, so if you're attached and want to buy something for your significant other, or single and want to buy something for yourself, BikingToronto has the hookup. … [Read more...]

New I Bike T.O. Products!


The I Bike T.O. product line has recently become very popular with the recent addition of the Left Wing Pinko I Bike T.O. shirts... and we thought we should highlight some other new products we've … [Read more...]

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