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STUFF: Joyride tracking device to help Toronto cyclists find stolen bikes

Bike thieves beware. Toronto cyclists might not have to worry about losing their rides anymore thanks to a new bike tracking device being developed in the city. Dubbed Joyride, the product … [Read more...]

STUFF: Volvo designed a reflective spraypaint to make cycling safer at night

Here's a good idea: Instead of spending millions of dollars developing a reflective spray paint that only lasts for 10 days (what a waste of money!), how about Volvo educates all their customers about … [Read more...]

STUFF: Toronto designed bike calls home when stolen

What might be the world's smartest bike just got a little smarter. The locally designed Vanhawk's Valour made waves last year as one of the most advanced smart bikes in existence, with built-in … [Read more...]

STUFF: Neighbourhood bike poster nails Toronto stereotypes

Interesting. As an east ender, I gotta wonder why the Danforth and Leslieville aren't included. Boo-urns. It's baskets for the Beaches, Bike Share for the downtown, a battered commuter for … [Read more...]

STUFF: Spinlister’s new bike sharing system will sell you a smart bike to rent out

  Users can buy a smart VanMoof bicycle from Spinlister and rent it out on demand through the company's mobile app. Read More: Spinlister's new bike sharing system will sell you a smart bike … [Read more...]

STUFF: Levi’s Launches Commuter Line for Women

Spring 2015 marks the launch of the long sought after Levi’s Commuter line for women. Much like the popular men’s Commuter line, the pieces at first glance resemble the simplicity of the iconic … [Read more...]

STUFF: Four Small-space Bicycle Storage Solutions


These products help manage indoor bike storage for those with space restrictions. Read More: Four Small-space Bicycle Storage Solutions … [Read more...]

STUFF: Sweet Pete’s is having a HUGE BIKE SALE!


  For the third year in a row, Sweet Pete's will be kicking off the season in a big way with our Huge Sale.  More: Sweet Pete's Huge Bike Sale … [Read more...]

STUFF: Why is Ford making e-bikes?

They make cars. And you'll notice, these e-bikes are sitting in front of cars. Ford cars. So what's this company up to? Possibly just prototype PR. Read More: Why is Ford making e-bikes? … [Read more...]

STUFF: Toronto company designs world’s smallest folding bike

  Cycling season might seem like an eternity away if you're a fair weather rider, but here's a little something to get gearheads excited about. Toronto company Helix claims to have designed … [Read more...]