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BIKE SHOPS: New Toronto neighbourhood gets its first bike shop

A new bike shop in the "Canary District" - where the PanAm Athletes Village is/was in the West Don Lands: This bike shop has been around since 1988 when it started as a little shack on the Lake … [Read more...]

STUFF: Gesture-controlled bike signals

I applaud the creativity in having a signal light linked to hand gestures. If people in cars start paying attention to the road instead of texting enough to see a small light at the back of a bike, … [Read more...]

FIX IT: Bike service on wheels: Q&A with Velofix

Good interview by Dandyhorse with Velofix, the mobile bike shop. Is your bike broken and you have no ride to the shop? A new repair service offers to-your-door repairs. dandhorse recently spoke with … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! 30% off the Urban Cycling Survival Guide

Yvonne's Urban Cycling Survival Guide is for beginners and experienced cyclists alike.  You can read my quick review of it here.  See below for a discount code to get 30% off on it right now. Hey, so … [Read more...]

STUFF: Where to get your bike custom painted in Toronto

Noah Rosen has been painting bikes for over a decade, but to describe precisely what he does in those pragmatic terms would be to ignore that he's fundamentally an artist. His company Velocolour … [Read more...]

TECH: Gadgets for cyclists provide directions, theft protection

Honestly a pretty decent lengthy article about a lot of new bike tech products. Ever wish your bike could give you directions while you ride, turn on a motor to give you a boost up steep hills, or … [Read more...]

SHOP: New “Parkdale Bicycle Shop” Opens

Parkdale Bicycle Shop is now open and ready to meet the needs of west-end cyclists.George Dorjee opened the doors to Parkdale Bicycle Shop early February 2015 to combine his love of cycling with his … [Read more...]

STUFF: 6 Cool Bike Lights For Summer Night Riding

Some cool lighting options, from Momentum: Super sleek aluminum shape houses a power 3w LED. USB-rechargeable lithium battery. Output up to 330 lumens. More: 6 Cool Bike Lights For Summer Night … [Read more...]

BOOK REVIEW: The Urban Cycling Survival Guide

If you haven't picked up Yvonne Bambrick's new book "The Urban Cycling Survival Guide: Need to know skills & strategies for biking in the city", then you need to. Here's why: 1) It looks … [Read more...]

SHOP: Brand new bike shop a shrine for serious cyclists

Well, the headline is a little stupid... it should read "...shrine for roadie cyclists", as "serious" doesn't only apply to those willing to drop thousands of dollars on a bike. It applies equally … [Read more...]

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