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Kenk wants “his” Bikes back

Convicted bike thief Igor Kenk, shown Aug 06, 2008, says bikes he had were documented.

Convicted bike thief Igor Kenk, shown Aug 06, 2008, says bikes he had were "documented."

After a heart-warming story yesterday about many of the thousands of stolen bikes recovered after the Igor Kenk bust being donated to youth programs, the Star is reporting this morning that he “wants his puppies back”:

Igor Kenk wants his bikes back

In an unexpected turn of events, the convicted bike-nabber showed up at the Cabbagetown Youth Centre on Monday where nearly 2,000 bikes seized from his property in 2008 were being donated to inner-city youth…

A peevish Kenk told the Star he still considers the bikes his property and called it “completely and utterly irresponsible” to have them “thrown in the garbage.”

“This is like (taking) Ferrari or Lamborghini cars, throwing them as scrap,” Kenk said.

He added, “Of course they’re my bikes. Think of them as my puppies …”

“I would love to buy some of my property back.”

Toronto Star

Igor Kenk wants his bikes back

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Kenk to lose thousands of bikes as details of civil settlement reached

Kenk to lose thousands of bikes as details of civil settlement reached

  • Igor Kenk will give up his used-bicycle shop, pickup trucks and his hoard of more than 2,200 old bikes in a settlement reached Friday in a civil suit brought against him by the province of Ontario.

    Under the deal, Mr. Kenk will get to keep the proceeds of a provincially-supervised sale of the bike shop, which he has previously valued at $700,000, but only after he pays $50,000 to the Crown, $65,000 to Legal Aid Ontario for his ongoing criminal case, legal fees incurred to defend against the suit, and any outstanding taxes or bills related to the building. The bikes and pickup trucks will be sold off and the proceeds kept by the Crown.

    The settlement brings an end to one of two parallel court proceedings, one civil and the other criminal, brought against the 50-year-old Mr. Kenk, whose arrest in the summer of 2008 and subsequent raids of his numerous rental garages filled with bicycles stunned Toronto’s cycling community.

    Friday’s settlement was reached before the court tested the government’s case, which hinged on affidavits from Toronto police who led the criminal investigation. Court filings showed that officers relied on a confidential source for information about Mr. Kenk’s alleged drugs-for-bikes enterprise. Court never heard testimony from the source, nor does the case file contain any written statements from the informant.

    Jacob Stilman, lawyer for Mr. Kenk, said outside court that the government’s forfeiture application “was going into uncharted legal waters in the sense of asserting that the building was an instrument of criminal activity.” He suggested “there would have been a lot of interesting legal and evidentiary issues” had the case gone to trial, but also serious implications for his client, who stood to lose virtually everything he owns.

    “While it’s fascinating from a lawyer’s perspective,” Mr. Stilman said, “the stakes are very high for the person at the receiving end of the litigation.”

    According to court filings, Mr. Kenk paid $85,000 for his shop in 1995 and is mortgage-free. Its value has since skyrocketed due to gentrification along trendy Queen Street West. The bicycles were recently appraised at just over $50,000, and the two Toyota pickup trucks at $14,000.

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UPDATE: No sign of Trial for Bike Thief

Is a deal in the making?

  • Stolen-bike case close to ending in deal, court told

    Lawyers in the Igor Kenk stolen-bicycles saga are discussing a possible deal to resolve the massive criminal case and head off a trial for the 50-year-old bike repairman, a Toronto court heard yesterday.

    Mr. Kenk, 50, was charged with more than 80 counts involving 2,865 used bicycles and a large quantity of illegal drugs seized in police raids in the summer of 2008, and has been awaiting trial in the Don Jail for almost a year since his bail was revoked last December.

    Mr. Kenk appeared yesterday at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, where he was to make a bid to have bail restored. Instead, his lawyer, Lon Rose, told Mr. Justice John Hamilton that “a proposed resolution to most if not all” of Mr. Kenk’s charges is in the works as a result of pre-trial talks with Crown officials and lower-court Justice Kathleen Caldwell.

    The sheer size of the case, which involved raids on 12 properties, about 100 police officers and more than 80 charges, created a mountain of evidence to be gathered, sorted, assessed and disclosed to Mr. Kenk’s defence before any trial could proceed.

    Court filings obtained by The Globe and Mail, including Mr. Rose’s Nov. 12 notice of application for yesterday’s bail review, suggest that disclosure has been slow and sporadic. Mr. Rose only recently received, for example, statements from 70 police officers who worked on the case. Dozens more pieces of evidence have also been slow to materialize.

    Regardless of any deal in the offing, Mr. Kenk still faces a lawsuit brought by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney-General to seize his bike shop, two pickup trucks and 2,292 bicycles as proceeds of crime. Even though Mr. Kenk has not been convicted criminally, the province can use the Civil Remedies Act to seize and sell off his property if it can prove that it was used for a criminal purpose or obtained by crime.

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Sept. 14: Added Yesterday to the Stolen Bike Listing

Blue & White Gary Fisher Big Sur (Yonge & Lawrence)

1999 Gary Fisher Big Sur

Blue / White / Grey
LX/XT Shimano Components.
Jagwire cables were used to replace front brake lines (Jagwire sticker was placed on the frame).
Bontrager seat (tear in the back right) and rims (tubeless in the front).
Plastic toe clips were installed on each pedal.

Stolen from apartment storage Yonge and Lawrence between August 16 and September 1, 2009.

Photo of exact make, model, and paint:
Stolen Gary Fisher Big Sur

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Sept. 9: Added Yesterday to the Stolen Bike Listing


Posted: 08 Sep 2009 08:18 PM PDT

Re: STOLEN TREK 750: It was in the Cabbagetown area. Stolen on Sept 8 2009.


Posted: 08 Sep 2009 08:15 PM PDT

My Trek 750 was stolen in my courtyard – out the front of my door!

It is a men’s mountain bike, silver with red and black detailing. It has a 17.5″ frame, in good condition.

The front tire won’t match the back one – they stole the tire from a bike next to mine. The rear-brake lever is slightly bent from an accident I had a couple of years ago.

if anyone sees a bike matching this description, please respond or call me at 416-856-0072.


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