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NEWS: Brookfield will no longer remove bikes at Yonge & Bloor

Lisa Ferguson says her bike disappeared from a pole outside Hudson's Bay centre while she was in a meeting

  Well, all the emails and tweets and outrage worked.  Will everyone who has had their bike stolen by Brookfield be compensated though? Give yourself a pat on the back if you were one of the … [Read more...]

NEWS: Brookfield’s bike-cutting excuse is bunk: property law expert

Thanks to the Star, we now know the answer of whether or not it's legal to steal bikes that are legally locked up on public property, even if you own "adjacent property".  The Star asked a property … [Read more...]

New on the Toronto Stolen Bike Listing

Lock Bicycle to Post - by Henry VanderSpek

People stealing bikes is a problem everywhere.  Toronto is no exception. People post pleas for their stolen bikes all over the place… facebook, twitter, craigslist… probably other … [Read more...]

NEWS: Brookfield Properties defends stealing bikes at HBC Centre

Brookfield Properties offers a piss poor excuse for stealing bikes parked legally on public property, citing "adjacent property rights". I'm not a real estate lawyer, but if there is one out there … [Read more...]

NEWS: Had your bike stolen from Yonge & Bloor? The thief may be Brookfield Properties.

This is getting crazier and crazier.  How long has Brookfield Properties been doing this?  How many people have lost their bikes after parking them legally and on public property? Brookfield has just … [Read more...]

NEWS: Stolen bike listing touted for Toronto

The Star has picked this up.  It's still a fairly young idea, but maybe with a bit of effort we can truly harness the web and social media to put a big dent in bike thefts.  Or, at least, help recover … [Read more...]

Testing out a Stolen Bike Listing


People stealing bikes is a problem everywhere.  Toronto is no exception. People post pleas for their stolen bikes all over the place... facebook, twitter, craigslist... probably other … [Read more...]

STOLEN BIKES: Bike thief caught in the act @ Queen/Bathurst


To the right is a photo of an alleged bike thief.   It sounds as if she carries bolt cutters in that bag. Be on the lookout. A close friend of mine saw this girl trying to steal her roomates bike … [Read more...]

Stolen bikes for sale online get Toronto man arrested

Stolen bikes for sale online get Toronto man arrested

  We picked up on this story via the Sun yesterday, but don't mind highlighting a Star article about it as well. They had just finished shopping for Halloween costumes on the Danforth … [Read more...]

Bike Photographer’s Bike Stolen

AWOL ride

If the name Georgette Peters rings a bell... there's good reason... she's a prolific Toronto photographer that not only loves taking photos of bikes (bike bells in particular) but is featured … [Read more...]

Who Is Behind IgorKenk.com?


If you've read yesterday's post about Igor Kenk showing up at the launch party for Kenk: the Graphic Novel, then you probably saw that there is a website/blog at IgorKenk.com. I naturally assumed … [Read more...]

Igor Kenk Attends the Kenk Graphic Novel Launch

kenk face lrg1

Is Igor Kenk the most interesting bike-related person in Toronto? After being busted for organizing the theft of thousands of bicycles as well as on assault charges, showing up to re-claim some of … [Read more...]