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OH YEAH!  Toronto Twitter bot tracks pedestrian and cyclist collisions


If you visit/share/RT only 1 twitter account today, make it @StruckTOBot.  The creator, James Tubbs, is totally right - most of Toronto just goes "oh, someone else was killed by a car... ho-hum", like … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Torontoist made Useful Posters for the TTC’s Next Pedestrian Awareness Campaign


Big props to Torontoist, who took horrible victim-blaming TTC ads and modified them into useful ones that placed responsibility for deaths on our streets where it belongs - with drivers. Best part? … [Read more...]

FACEPALM: Toronto Tells Pedestrians to Fix Their Clothes Instead of Fixing Its Streets


Great job TTC.  Blame the victims. 64 people died on the streets of Toronto in 2015.  38 of them were pedestrians.  4 of them were cyclists.  Only 20% of pedestrian fatalities (according to a 2012 … [Read more...]

NEWS: Is the car becoming a ‘weapon of choice’?


“We really need new laws that protect vulnerable road users,” said Patrick Brown, who has been suing drivers involved in collisions with pedestrians and cyclists for the past 20 years.“My clients are … [Read more...]

NEWS: Safe roads are way more important than wearing a helmet.


Excellent summary by Lloyd Alter in TreeHugger about how  it's not about what is (or isn't) on your head, but how the safe the cycling infrastructure is. Bicycle helmets are mandatory in parts of … [Read more...]

PREACH: Why are these bicycling models not wearing helmets?


Excellent piece.  Biking isn't dangerous.  Not wearing a helmet isn't dangerous.  Wear one or don't wear one if you want.  It's up to you. That’s more or less what the infamous helmet debate has … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto’s First Step to Reduce Pedestrian Fatalities


The Vision Zero agenda holds that no traffic fatality is acceptable, and recommends using a combination of education, legislation, and redesigned infrastructure to create safer streets and roads for … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto’s Director of Sustainable Transportation doored


Toronto's director of transit and sustainable transportation, Hilary Holden, was doored last night near Beford and Bloor (right by Mayor Tory's home).  She's okay, thankfully. Reached the day after … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Study Finds Sharrows Don’t Make Streets Safer


Sharrows.  Painted bicycle symbols that do nothing to make roads safer.  Cities install them (and count them as bicycle infrastructure) when they want to look like they're doing something.  Anyone who … [Read more...]

MUST READ: In our system you can kill a cyclist, pay $500


A must read piece in the Star about how the recent travesty of justice in the Tom Samson case is just the tip of the iceberg.  Most drivers who kill someone with their car pay a few hundred bucks in … [Read more...]