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The Star: Bike plan misses benchmarks

The Star is reporting today on the Bike Plan falling behind schedule:Though it's been cited as a key part of the Toronto's transit strategy, the city keeps falling further and further behind on its … [Read more...]

Spacing: Budget committee backs down from funding bikes

Tammy Thorne of Spacing just posted about the Budget Committee backing down from increasing the Bike Plan Budget to get it done by 2012.While the original amount budgeted for 2008 was $3 million, the … [Read more...]

Excerpts from the Budget Committee Deputations

Over at Eye Weekly, Dale Duncan has summarized some of the deputations from the public and organizations at Tuesday's Budget Committee Hearings (these are summaries, not verbatim):Smog from cars kills … [Read more...]

Bike Plan Progress at the Budget Committee Meeting

Martin Koob has posted a great synopsis of yesterday's Budget Committee hearings - and it sounds like some City Councillors are listening to and interested in the needs of Toronto's cycling … [Read more...]

Speak Out About Toronto’s Cycling Budget

On Tuesday, November 13th, there will be public hearings about the City of Toronto's budget for next year.How does this impact cyclists? It's all about the money for expanding the bikeplan to its … [Read more...]

The New Toronto Cycling Advisory Committee

There's a new committee in town, and it's called the Toronto Cycling Advisory Committee. The new "TCAC" replaces the old Cycling Committee in the interests of becoming more efficient and effective, … [Read more...]

New Cycling and Pedestrian Initiatives On the Way, Hopefully

The Globe and Mail has an intriguing article today about a bunch of cycling and pedestrian initiatives due to come up before the City Council Works Committee next week:A pedestrian-only street, a … [Read more...]

South Kingsway on Toronto Pedestrian Committee Agenda

Attention All Pedestrians, Cyclists, Bladers and Transit Users: South Kingsway on TPC Agenda[This is courtesy of TCAT, and I mentioned this back in July too. ] Responding to a letter from the … [Read more...]

NOW Magazine – The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease

(Cross-posted to I Bike T.O.)Mike Smith of NOW Magazine, who moderated the NOW Bike Forum a few weeks ago, weighs in with his thoughts from the evening and how cycling will become the priority it … [Read more...]

The Eastern / Leslie / Carlaw BikeLanes Need Your Help!

From the BikingToronto Inbox today:Hello all, Sandra Bussin need to hear from you regarding safety for pedestrians and cyclists on Leslie St. between Queen and Lakeshore Blvd. As you may know, … [Read more...]

Heaps beats out Jenkins for the Toronto Cycling Committee

BikeToronto is reporting that A.A. Heaps is one step closer to joining the Toronto Cycling Committee - pretty good news since the "TCC" has been silent since September, due to last November's … [Read more...]

Cranking Up The BikePlan – Big Commitments from Mayor Miller and Glenn De Baeremaeker

Nice (and pretty large) article in the Star over the weekend about actually implementing the bikeplan over the next few years:The age of cycling is upon us. Toronto Mayor David Miller announced last … [Read more...]

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