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Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi wants to stop (and tear out) bikelanes


(Cross-posted to the News discussion group) Globe and Mail: Rossi vows review of transit plan http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/toronto/rossi-vows-review-of-transit-plan/article1439298/ Wow… I’m not sure of Rossi’s chances… but who would really think that we need less transit and bikelanes in the city? Elect this guy if you want to see Toronto grind to a halt due to traffic congestion. […]

Case Ootes is Retiring


Case Ootes, who has been city councillor for Ward 29 Toronto-Danforth since 1994, has decided to leave city politics. Links: Toronto Star: Case Ootes calls it quits Toronto Sun: Case closed: Ootes retires City Website: Case Ootes BikingToronto: Ward 29 Group Ward 29 Forum: Case Ootes Retires This is pretty significant news, as Ootes has […]

HUGE Cycling Budget Increase for 2010?

Now, I’m not an expert in how the city allocates funds for cycling… I do know that of the whole cycling budget, some goes to the Parks & Rec department for trail upkeep, and some goes to the roads department for bikelanes… and some goes other places, but all the news stories about the 2010 […]

BikeTax Rally at Queens Park Tomorrow

From Rowena Santos, who you may remember ran for City Council in 2006 in Ward 14 Parkdale-High Park Fellow Cyclists, As many of you know, the proposed 8% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will directly impact you and future cyclists. By the end of 2010, the HST will apply to all things bicycle: bikes, helmets, bells, […]

Councillor Denzil Minnan Wong Learns how to Bike

Give some props to City Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong… after years of defending auto-centric planning and transportation initiatives, he is learning how to ride a bike after missing out on it in his youth: Denzil Minnan-Wong looks kind of sheepish. He has a confession to make. The 45-year-old Toronto councillor, and perhaps the most ardent defender […]

The Toronto Cyclists Union Release Position on E-Bikes

On March 9, 11, and 23rd The provincial legislature will be having public hearings about proposed changes to the Highway Traffic Act, including the definition of “E-Bikes” or “power-assisted bicycles” (you can read some more details in this BikingToronto post). The Toronto Cyclists Union has released their position on the proposed definition of E-Bikes (which […]

E-Bike Legislation to be Discussed at Queen’s Park

In March (March 9, 11, and 23rd, to be exact), Queen’s Park will reviewing amendments (in Bill 126 – PDF file) to Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act in public hearings, including amendments concerning “E-Bikes” or “Power Assisted Bicycles”, including what they are: “power-assisted bicycle” means a bicycle that, (a) is a power-assisted bicycle as defined in […]

Bike Infrastructure in the Toronto 2009 Operating Budget

You may have seen the news that Toronto’s proposed 2009 budget means things like a 4% increase in property taxes, more money for social programs and keeping TTC fares frozen at current levels. If you’re like me, then all of the above is interesting, but you’re also curious about how cycling infrastructure is addressed in […]

Rob Ford: Charity gives Toronto clogged arteries

The Sun is reporting that Rob Ford is again up to his anti-cyclist antics, but this time he’s against charitable fundraising for the Heart & Stroke Foundation too: The time has come for Toronto council to seek alternatives to closing two major expressways for an annual charity event, says Councillor Rob Ford. … “It really […]

Executive Committee of Council can properly fund the Bike Plan

The Executive Committee of City Council is meeting today, and the Toronto Coalition of Active Transport (TCAT) is trying to get the issue of funding the BikePlan for a 2012 completion back on the table, after the Budget Committee decided that the Bike Plan was important, but not important enough to finish by when Council […]

Eye Weekly: Blowing off bike lanes

Eye columnist and Spacing contributer Dale Duncan has a nice piece in Eye this week about bikelanes. Specifically, the frustration that comes with seeing some city politicians talk about being “green” but then not supporting funding for the Bike Plan. Adding bikelanes to Toronto’s streets is relatively cheap and easy to do, yet for all […]

Opinions on Streamlining the Bikelane Approval Process

The Star already has reader-submitted opinions up stemming from the article this morning: Toronto likes to boast that it is a world-class city, but it is absolutely parochial when it comes to its cycling policy. You can go to Tokyo and see full-service parking lots holding thousands of bicycles that are used as primary sources […]

The Star wants your comments about bikelane vetos

The Star has a “Speak Out” feature up about this morning’s article about City Council working around local community councils who may oppose bikelane installation. Go and have your say about “Should community councils be allowed to veto new bike paths authorized by the city?” – they post most comments on their website and a […]

Toronto planning 50 km of bikelanes for 2008

The Dundas East Bikelane at Jones [photo credit] The Star has a short article this morning on City Council’s plan to eliminate community councils from the Bikelane approval process – meaning that every January, City Council can decide which lanes will go in that year without having anti-cycling councillors holding up the process in their […]

The Star: Bike plan misses benchmarks

The Star is reporting today on the Bike Plan falling behind schedule: Though it’s been cited as a key part of the Toronto’s transit strategy, the city keeps falling further and further behind on its bike plan. At the outset, there were to be 1,000 kilometres of bikeways – a mix of lanes, signed routes […]

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