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VISION ZERO: ‘We’re asking our politicians to act’: Victims of Toronto’s deadly streets call for change

I'm devastated just reading this article.  I would've been a mess at the press conference.  Shame on politicians who think *any* death on our streets for the sake of speedy travel by cars is … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: Friends and family of road violence victims call for end to traffic fatalities and serious injuries

Friends and family of road violence victims gathered at Nathan Phillips Square to call on City Council for an end to traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries. Council is set to vote on the new … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: Mayor John Tory responds to criticism by embracing Vision Zero road safety plan

For a guy who doesn't bike often, he sure is backpedaling furiously...  although let's note that he's not offering a date as a goal. Toronto’s new road safety plan has gone from “Zero Vision” … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: Toronto mayor vows quicker action on road safety after intense criticism

It looks like Mayor Tory and Public Works Chair Jaye Robinson have started to realize you can't promise to end road deaths in Toronto and then only commit to reducing deaths 20% over 10 years. The … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO FAILURE: Toronto says “Let’s Save Lives”, but not too many, because cars are more important, mmmkay?

Today in "politicians failing people spectacularly", the mayor and chair of public works, Jaye Robinson, who *literally* just said “There’s no level of fatalities that are acceptable and my vision is … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: Why Metro is pushing to fix Toronto’s deadly streets

In advance of an road safety announcement today by Councillor Jaye Robinson, chair of the Public Works Committee, Metro newspaper has started a series of stories about the high death toll of designing … [Read more...]

NEWS: Riskiest spots for pedestrians and cyclists get new rules in road-safety plan

The strategy, in the works for over a year, aims to reduce the number of vulnerable road users killed and hurt on the city’s roads. “I think the stats speak for themselves. We can no longer ignore … [Read more...]

NEWS: 10 Year Cycling Network Plan passes Toronto City Council, with most major streets ignored.

The 10 year cycling network plan passed Council today, unanimously, through a lot of compromise.  While east end councillors, (with the support of Cycle Toronto volunteers, business owners, business … [Read more...]

FAILURE: Police brag about 273 tickets over 5 days in bike lane parking crackdown

Seriously?  How is 273 tickets over 5 days a success? Police added a dozen officers last week to focus *solely* on bike lane parking.  273 tickets over 5 days by 12 officers is 4.5 tickets per … [Read more...]

MUST READ: All the collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists in just the last month

NOW Magazine mapped the collisions involving cars and cyclists or pedestrians reported by police (and compiled by @StruckTOBot, covered in this blog post) in just May 2016. In just 1 month, 10 … [Read more...]

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