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NEWS: Drivers support Bloor bike lanes


Newsflash for politicians that car drivers don't want bike lanes:  THEY DO!  Bike lanes keep cyclists safe, and get bikes into their own lane on the road.  This means bikes aren't in front of cars, … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto’s subway stations to maybe get more bike parking


Planning for 2018.  In TTC terms, that's light speed, I guess.  I'm incredulous that it's taken the TTC this long to recognize how people get to transit. There’s hope for better bicycle parking … [Read more...]

NEWS: Is allowing cyclists to ride on sidewalks suitable for Markham?


Suburban Cycling - unsafe on the roads, illegal on sidewalks.  Local government unwilling to spend money on infrastructure that isn't for cars... Is cycling on sidewalks one of those laws that are … [Read more...]

NEWS: More cycling paths, marketplace, on the way for Thorncliffe Park


A mini-revitalization project is underway that could bring improved cycling paths and a new marketplace to the Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood. Students from University of Toronto’s urban … [Read more...]

NEWS: Making biking in Scarborough more appealing


Scarborough Cycles! Wonderful initiative.  The city making some streets in Scarborough safe for cycling would go a long way in encouraging people to bike: The Toronto Centre for Active … [Read more...]

NEWS: Expansion of Waterfront Trail to be announced


Officials with Waterfront Toronto say they will use the occasion of former City of Toronto mayor David Crombie’s 80th birthday on Tuesday to announce an expansion of the Waterfront Trail. The … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bloor bike lanes pilot heads to Toronto city council 


The Public Works Committee was split on whether to approve a pilot of a bike lane on Bloor for the purposes of collecting data about how it benefits the neighbourhood and business, so now it goes to … [Read more...]

BIKE THEFT: What are the worst streets for locking up your bike in Toronto?


Interesting piece in the Star today about the streets where your bike is more likely to get stolen.  Biking Toronto is quoted, but it's a really old quote... I gave that quote to the Star years and … [Read more...]

NEWS: Why the Bloor Bike Lane Pilot makes Bloor safer for everyone


The proposed plan for Bloor Street includes a design, known as parking protected bike lanes, that would help avoid this scenario. The planned set-up, moving from left to right, is: live traffic … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bike lanes on Bloor get boost from Toronto councillors, businesses


Everybody wants bike lanes on Bloor! Brian Burchell, chair of the Bloor Annex BIA, said many businesses are fearful their businesses will suffer but said they along with other partners have … [Read more...]