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VIDEO: What is #OpenStreetsTO and why you need to take part


The streets are opening this coming Sunday (Sept. 9) morning for OpenStreetsTO!  Toronto's streets are YOUR streets.  Come and celebrate them. This video was put together by the Downtown Yonge BIA. … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Cycle tracks to be extended along Richmond-Adelaide corridor


Well, this is light speed for Toronto.  After deciding in early July to extend the pilot Cycle Tracks on Richmond and Adelaide over to Parliament St, work is ready to start on actually doing it! If … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Toronto too slow to replace cycle track bollards


It’s not easy being a bollard.Whether they’re being run over by garbage trucks, removed due to construction or struck by motorists, the flexible posts that separate Toronto’s cycle tracks from the … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Cycle Toronto shares maps of bikelane supportive businesses on Bloor and Danforth!


Oh yeah!  The links are in the text of this Cycle Toronto post, but there are maps of bikelane-supportive businesses on Bloor and Danforth.  Check them out here - Danforth Map and Bloor Map -  or … [Read more...]

OH YEAH? Bikelanes on Avenue Road / Oriole Parkway?


There's some lane re-painting going on over on Avenue Road / Oriole Parkway.  The photo above was posted in the City of Toronto Cycling facebook group and noted as Avenue Road, but this looks like … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Huge Bike Share Toronto expansion coming


Not sure why Dandyhorse is posting about this now since the news came out in early July, but no matter - it's good to remember that Bikeshare Toronto is getting a huge expansion! Metrolinx and the … [Read more...]

STOLEN BIKES: Toronto woman blames condo for 4 bike thefts


The building’s management says it’s against the rules for tenants to bring a bicycle inside their unit. She complained to management, but they insist that she use the outdoor bike racks or … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto cycling advocates want ‘the Idaho Stop’ made law


It's an annual thing... news stories about the "Idaho Stop", which would allow cyclists to legally roll through stop signs, provided they do so safely. What doesn't get reported every year?  That … [Read more...]

BLOOR LOVES BIKES!  It’s really a village, not a freeway


Great piece in the Annex Gleaner community newspaper about bikelanes on Bloor. It is a misconception that all those cars that transit Bloor Street through the Annex are shoppers just looking for a … [Read more...]

NEWS: Dead cyclist’s father wants jail time for hit-and-run drivers


What kind of society doesn't have a minimum sentence if someone kills someone and flees? Uri Samson gets up every day and puts one foot in front of the other. He goes to work, he cares for his wife, … [Read more...]

SHOCKER: Canadian Prime Minister parks his bus in pinko communist bike lanes


Let's be honest... the bus driver is an idiot for parking here... but Harper's staff told the bus driver to park here.  Although, is anyone surprised that Harper didn't give a damn about where the bus … [Read more...]

NEWS: Cyclist struck, seriously injured in Mississauga


A Mississauga cyclist suffered serious injuries after being struck by a vehicle Wednesday evening. Peel Regional Police said the middle-aged male cyclist was struck on southbound Southdown Road, near … [Read more...]