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  Right now, if you sign up (or renew) with Cycle Toronto, you can win 1 of 3 Nuvango gift cards worth $50. Nuvango has donated 3 gift cards (worth $50 each) to go into the prize draw (more prizes listed below) for people who use my link to sign up (or renew) with Cycle Toronto. More about […]

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  Right now, if you sign up (or renew) with Cycle Toronto, you can win 1 of 10 (!!!) Bikeshare Toronto memberships Bikeshare Toronto has donated 5 annual memberships (worth $90 each) and 5 monthly memberships (worth $18 each) to go into the prize draw (more prizes listed below) for people who use my link to sign up […]

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Right now, if you sign up (or renew) with Cycle Toronto, you can win a pair of Leaf tickets! The tickets have been donated by Singer Kwinter Personal Injury Lawyers (who also advertise at the very top of every BikingToronto page – learn more about them here) The game will be in the new year […]

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Just a quick reminder post.  In the upcoming days I’ll have posts featuring the companies and organizations who have donated prizes.  You can see them listed below as well.  Also, if you are (or work with) a company or organization interested in donating a prize and getting some exposure on BikingToronto, get in touch with […]

NEWS: Cyclists pedaling Minimum Grid in election

Wiped off the road in 2012, only a year and a half after they appeared, the Jarvis lanes became a symbol of the tensions that stoked the divides between motorists and cyclists, downtown and the suburbs.Monday’s civic election offers fresh hope for progress on cycling infrastructure, said Cycle Toronto executive director Jared Kolb.Despite the anti-car/anti-bike […]

NEWS: Ministry of Labour orders bike racks removed from certain TTC buses

If you’re a cyclist who relies on an articulated TTC bus as part of your commute, you’ll have to get by without the bike rack until the transit agency figures out a solution to a recently discovered safety issue. Bicycles plunked on the racks of certain buses can impair a driver’s view of the road, […]

NEWS: Drivers who door cyclists, use phones face tougher fines in Ontario

Ontario plans to double fines for motorists who door cyclists or use their mobile phones while driving, as part of a sweeping road-safety crackdown. On Tuesday afternoon, Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca reintroduced a list of amendments to the Highway Traffic Act in the legislature. The Liberal government originally put the proposals forward in the […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Bikelanes FINALLY come to Lansdowne (5 years after being approved)

Great news!  5 years after approval, the city is FINALLY installing bikelanes on Lansdowne. Finally! Bike lanes on Lansdowne, a year after our Ward 14 & 18 Advocacy Groups organized the Phantom Bike Lane Ride for the approved-but-not-installed “phantom” lanes! Plus a great new mural by Maya Hayuk! Photo by Twitter user El Costello: https://twitter.com/elcostello/status/523200342973247488 […]

NEWS: Chief Planner releases proposed Bike Policy Framework: A Toronto-wide Grid

Toronto’s Chief Planner, Jennifer Keesmaat, has tweeted out a graphic of a proposed Bike Policy Framework, saying “a city-wide-grid would make cycling a *true* transportation choice. The downtown area is marked with the words “further evolution of a maturing cycling culture”, while the old burbs are marked with “big gestures needed to expand cycling”. I […]

NEWS: Dandyhorse breaks down the leading Mayoral Candidates (and a clown)

Sketchy the Clown would make a terrible mayor, especially for those of us you who have an unnatural fear of clowns. But the candidate does support Toronto’s cyclists. Doug Ford would also make a terrible mayor, and that is partly because he doesn’t really like bikes. Ford, the elder brother of our current ailing mayor, recently […]