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NEWS: Mini-sized bike lanes now on O’Connor Bridge

  They're not bike lanes at all... but carves out a bit of space to allow cyclists to feel a little safer over the only connection between the two halves of East … [Read more...]

NEWS: City rebuilding Bathurst and Adelaide with bikes in mind

The intersection of Bathurst and Adelaide is getting a makeover, and its new look should appeal to cyclists. As many as 3,500 cyclists pedal the Adelaide cycle tracks every day. The volume of … [Read more...]

FACEPALM: City hall committee to talk about licensing bikes … again

You know, for a councillor who is "fiscally conservative" and is all concerned about saving tax dollars, Stephen Holiday sure is irresponsible with city staff resources and time: Toronto has looked … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Bayview bike lane will be huge improvement to street

If you've driven along Bayview Avenue south of Pottery Rd. over the last few weeks, you'll have noticed that the street boasts a smooth new surface and is marked by a sea of orange pylons. Both are in … [Read more...]

NEWS: Unofficial count shows bike lanes on Bloor are boosting ridership

A preliminary tally of cyclists along Bloor Street suggests the road’s new bike lanes are boosting ridership, but the city says it’s too early to call the pilot project a success. Prior to … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! More bike lanes could be coming to North York

Great things are happening in north Toronto! If Coun. Maria Augimeri had her ways, there would be bike lanes on every street in North York. “It’s about time. This is the 21st … [Read more...]

NEWS: Protected bike lanes could be coming to Yonge in North York

It's happening again and again in Toronto - residents are asking for safe cycling and walking infrastructure all over the city (even the old suburbs) with less emphasis on car-centric planning. The … [Read more...]

NEWS: Video captures brutal dooring of cyclist riding in Adelaide bike lane

The only cycling stories that make the newspapers are the ones about people getting hurt, which makes biking seem very unsafe... Biking is super safe.... it's biking with unsafe drivers that … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bike Share Toronto offers huge discounts to Presto users!

Bike Share Toronto is offering Presto card owners a hefty discount on new memberships in a bid to boost subscriptions and strengthen the link between public transit and cycle share use. Under the … [Read more...]

NEWS: Police investigating after taxi runs bike courier off the road

Who's really surprised at this?  Cab drivers are horrible drivers, and don't give a crap about the safety of other people on the road.  They only care about more fares.  Having said this, some bike … [Read more...]

The Toronto Carnage blog collects news stories about the destruction wrought by cars on our city:

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