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NEWS: Sherbourne lanes a cycling success that should inspire more

Following up on the news that bike traffic on Sherbourne is up a whopping 300%, here’s Minnan-Wong trying to appear bike-friendly. The number of cyclists whizzing along Sherbourne St. each day has nearly tripled since its fancy new separated bike lanes opened at the end of 2012, new figures show. The boost in bicycles is […]

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INFRASTRUCTURE: Sherbourne separated bikelane sees 300% increase in bike traffic in 3 years!

Sherbourne’s lanes have problems, but prove that if you build bikelanes that people (all people – novice and experienced, young and old) feel safe cycling in, more and more will use them. Bicycle traffic averages on Sherbourne were 955/day in 2011 bike lane, they are now 2,827/day in Cycle Track via Toronto Cycling on Twitter

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OH YEAH: Bike lanes have actually sped up car traffic in New York City


Since 2007, New York City has added 31 miles of protected bike lanes — that is, lanes protected by a physical barrier, such as a row of parked cars or a curb. The main point of building protected lanes was to make biking in the city safer. But when the NYC Department of Transportation recently studied the […]

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NEWS: Remains of missing Toronto cyclist Kit Currie found

The remains of Kit Currie, a Toronto cyclist who went missing Aug. 14, have been found, her sister Jennifer Currie-Roy said. “We found her, and we’re preparing for arrangements. Her body was found near her bike,” Currie-Roy said from her home in Wakefield, Que. She added that police have informed her family but have not […]

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NEWS: DAS5 – Darcy Allan Sheppard remembered

Ask most Ontarians about the case and they will remember it as the story about the crazed messenger who was justifiably killed after he “jumped on” a car and “attacked” Bryant and his wife who were out celebrating their anniversary. This was the story that emerged from special prosecutor Richard Peck’s 68-page presentation to Judge […]

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OH YEAH! Bill Murray biking around Toronto!


The other day I alluded to celebrities biking to film premieres at TIFF and parking at Cycle Toronto’s Bike Valet (don’t worry, non-celebs can use it too. It’s free), and today saw Bill Murray biking around Toronto on Bill Murray Day! While walking to work this morning, Felicia Guthrie spied the legendary actor and comedian biking […]

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OH YEAH! FREE I Bike T.O. shirts are coming!


It’s ALMOST that time of year again!  Time to give out a whole bunch of FREE I Bike T.O. shirts. Are you interested?  Sign up at the form below (or at this link) to get notified as soon as they are available, which is very soon. (quantities are limited, obviously).   Get notified when it’s FREE […]

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OH YEAH! Bike Valet at TIFF opening weekend


Via CycleToronto: Event date: Sept 4-7 OH YEAH!  Ride your bike like the celebrities do and park your bike securely for free and check out the flicks at TIFF!   Feist rides her bike (and parks it at the Bike Valet) in Toronto, as does Rachel McAdams and Ellen Page (in Halifax, but I’m sure she […]

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NEWS: Toronto cyclist killed near Brandon, MB.

Oh, I hate reading these kinds of news stories. A 24-year-old Toronto man was killed after being hit by an SUV while riding his bike near Brandon. The collision happened about 8 p.m. Monday, about two kilometres west of the city, on Highway 1A. Mounties say an eastbound SUV travelling in the same direction hit […]

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NEWS: Toronto’s new bike lanes are being misused

Yet another article about the total inadequacy of bikelanes without physical separation (curbs, planters, flex-bollards). It sucks to be a cyclist in this town. Less than a month after reporting the news that the Simcoe bike lanes were being used as a parking space by motorists, the freshly pained bike lanes are once again in […]

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