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INFRASTRUCTURE: Great new brickwork on Queens Quay multi-use path


Awesome looking brick patterns on part of the Martin-Goodman trail alongside Queens Quay as the multi-year reconstruction nears completion! Great new stonework installed on Toronto's section of the … [Read more...]

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OH YEAH: 5 quick fixes that would bring cycling in T.O. into the 21st century


Cycle Toronto's Jared Kolb gives us a quick list of 5 easy things Toronto can do to get up to speed on what's happening with cycling infrastructure in other major world cities.   Great … [Read more...]

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HOW TO: Surviving city cycling


It may not feel like it, but we are making slow, steady progress in the growth and improvement of our cycling infrastructure. While the meaningful integration of bikes into all aspects of city … [Read more...]

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NEWS: 5 myths about cyclists that drivers need to get over


NOW Magazine's annual spring bikes issue is upon us! 1. Roads are built for cars. Some drivers seem terribly irked by the mere presence of cyclists on T.O.'s byways. Wake up! Rob Ford was wrong - … [Read more...]

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NEWS: Cycling group lobbies for boost in funding infrastructure outside of downtown Toronto

Totally agree.  Having bikelanes downtown is ideal, and we're starting to see lots of bike commuting downtown.  More *separated* bikelanes downtown please... BUT, the old suburbs of Toronto is where … [Read more...]

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NEWS: Cycling routes in Ontario get financial bump

The provincial government says it's moving ahead with a $25-million investment over three years to create a more cycling-friendly Ontario. The plan includes $15 million for cycling routes that … [Read more...]

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WATCH: Police video of eyewitness in death of Darcy Allan Sheppard

Never before seen witness testimony from the 2009 death of Darcy Allan Sheppard. Much of what you will see and hear in Witness 9.12, the nine-minute video accompanying this story, is being viewed … [Read more...]

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NEWS: Roman Manko mourned by GTA cycling community

A bit more infomration about this tragedy I posted about a few minutes ago: According to a police news release, a group of eight cyclists had been heading west along Bloor Street and intended to turn … [Read more...]

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NEWS: Cyclist dies after being struck by car east of Toronto

A 60-year-old cyclist has died after he was struck by a vehicle in the municipality of Clarington on Sunday morning. Durham Regional Police say the accident happened just before 11 a.m. at the … [Read more...]

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NEWS: Bicycle award divides Toronto’s cycling community

Toronto's recent "Gold" designation (and the division about it) is hitting the mainstream media.  I tend to agree with Jared of Cycle Toronto... there are enough uninformed and anti-car politicians … [Read more...]

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